How To Win Back Your Ex When Love Still Exists Between You

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If you and your ex have experienced a breakup but love still exists between you then you can win back your ex.  Here are some tips to assist you in that goal.

Is it your desire to get your ex back?  If your relationship with your ex was close and loving before you got dumped,Guest Posting then you may want to get back together with your ex.  The emotional investment you have in this relationship may not be something you want to throw away without putting forth some effort to reignite the old flame.  If that is the case then here is how to win back ex.

Analyze Your Feelings...

The first thing is to analyze your own feelings and decide if you still deeply care about your ex.  Sometimes the passion that two people have in the beginning just grows into one that is just comfortable.  You feel like you don't want to lose your ex because he or she is like an old slipper.  However, we know that comfort doesn't necessarily make a great relationship.  You have to have a great love.  So, if your analysis has shown you that you still have passionate feelings for your ex, then you can move into the next step of how to win back ex.

Examine How Your Ex Feels....

This next step is to examine how your ex feels about you.  Does he or she have the same kind of true love that you have?  If your relationship problems were things like - goal awareness, communication, hobbies, time management - then you can win back your ex.  However, if the problem is really that love has truly faded then you should just start to move on with your life.

If you have decided that this was a grand love and that it still exists within your ex also you can get started working on the things that will bring the two of you back together.  For example, just think back to who you where when your ex first fell for you.  Maybe you weighted less, showed a more optimistic outlook on life or were involved in a variety of activities with your friends.

After a while in a relationship, especially if you have had kids, then you begin to change.  Over time you spend less time with your friends and on any activities outside the home. Perhaps you have let yourself go because you think you are secure in your ex's affection.

If you really want to win back your ex, then you need to get back to being the person that your ex first fell in love with.

Practice detachment...

The next tip for winning back your ex is to practice detachment.  Don't text, call or stalk them constantly.  It is not good to appear desperate.  If at first you seem to just accept the situation, you will actually become more desirable to your ex. 

When you practice detachment, it gives you a chance to focus on what makes you happy.  You will take up old hobbies and other things outside the house that interest you.  You will reconnect with old friends and other family members.  All of this will eventually help win back your ex.

From time to time get together with your ex and use the past to your advantage.  For instance, if there was a special outfit that your ex liked to see you in, then wear it to your get together.  If you have eaten at a restaurant where the two of you used to have a good time together, then mention that you were there again.  Think about all the positive experiences that the two of you used to have together and draw on those to win back ex.

Every so often, invite your ex to some non-committal type events.  Invite your ex to a party and let them know that they are free to bring a date if they would like to.  Ask your ex to join a group of your friends at a bar for a drink occasionally.

Be Yourself...

Finally, the best way to win back ex is to just be yourself; especially the self your ex fell in love with initially.  Either the old love is still there or it is not. 

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