Things the guy your dating wants you to do.

Jul 13 10:44 2009 Matt Fuller Print This Article Don't worry girls, were not talking about pole dancing, watching a naughty movie, or meeting his parents on your first date. - Not that there is anything wrong with any of this :)

1. Follow your instincts. How will he know the real you and that you have such a wicked sense of humor if you pretend to be a dainty good little girl for the entire date. Cut loose a little. If things progress between you both,Guest Posting he is going to find out the real you anyway. So come straight out of your shell and show him your true personality. If your sensing some mutual attraction, ask him to dance, stop fussing around and get a physical connection happening.

2. Time to flirt. This doesn't mean you need to throw yourself at him. A sincere touch of his hand will seem innocent to you, but to him, he is secretly punching the air with excitement and will take this as a sign to move things to the next level.

4. Check him out, make sure he sees you. Its very flattering for a man to be checked out in a physical manner. Decide on his best physical quality and make comments about it. For example his shoulders or chest. Tell him what a killer smile he has or make mention of his dreamy eyes. Men love this kind of attention.

5. Respond to his humor. Guys know that women like funny men. So if he tries on some humor, whether he is funny or not, laugh at his attempt anyway. A little giggle will re-assure him.

6. Don't let him be the only funny one. Great conversation often revolves around funny stories or experiences. Tell him about the time you went out for the night and later realized you had put your under wear on backwards. Or the time you went skinny dipping with your girl friends. Now that is sure to grab his attention.

7. Try to avoid showing him pictures of your friends. The minute you do this, the thought of a threesome will start ringing loudly in his dirty little mind. And if your serious about this guy, you wont want to be sharing him.

8. Horoscopes. While more men these days are turning to spiritual guidance, most men will run a country mile if you start placing too much emphasis on this subject. Dating someone new should be light hearted and fun, issues like spirituality or beliefs can be discussed if you end up dating this person a 2nd or 3rd time.

9. online dating sites - Is where the men are! Extended contact with someone you meet from an online dating site counts as a first date, so by the time you meet them in person, you have already established chemistry. Most singles these days are opting to meet and get to know their date online, or communicate via chat rooms and get a solid indication as to whether there is a mutual attraction. Singles who meet through online dating sites have a higher success rate of moving onto a second face to face date as compared to meeting someone at a nigh club or bar.

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