Top 5 Body Language Signals To Know Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

Feb 21


Christian Caleb

Christian Caleb

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Body language is the most effective way to tell whether your ex girlfriend wants you back or not. Why? It is a language every girl speaks whether they realise it or not and it often displays more information than they think they are telling you. See how you can use this to your advantage to understand what signals she may be sending you. To learn more, simply read on.

Us guys can have a hard time understanding the mixed messages our girlfriends (or ex girlfriends) are sending us. So how can we overcome this? The answer is simple; body language. Why? Body language doesn't lie and once you understand how girls use it to communicate their selves,Top 5 Body Language Signals To Know Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back Articles it can be a powerful tool. Read on to see the top 5 body language signals you can use to help you realise if she is still interested in you.
  • Eye Language. A way to see if a girl is interested in you is if her eyes widen slightly and her pupils become larger in a conversation with you. This shows you that the girl is interested in what you are saying or more importantly if she is interested in you. She may also hold your eye contact longer than usual or even stare at you after you have said something but look away or look down when she sees you notice. This can hint at attraction.
  • Hand Language. A girl will subliminally use her hands to draw attention to something, especially if she touches her face. She may use it to draw attention to her eyes, her smile or her hair. This can be a good opportunity to compliment her; "You have a nice smile" or "Have I told you, you have beautiful eyes?" Subtlety is key here on both parts.
  • Feet Language. This may sound a bit strange, but by looking at her feet you can notice where her attention is geared and more importantly, where her attraction is focused. Useful especially in a group situation, take note of which way her feet are pointing. If they are pointing towards you, chances are it's a good sign of attraction.
  • Posture Language. If she is sitting and sits upright or leans forward in a conversation with you it can be a sign of attention and attraction. While standing, she may lean towards you or stand closer to you as a way of showing you she feels safe and comfortable around you.
  • Lady Language. What she subtly does with her 'lady assets' can give away her sexual attraction towards you. She may lean forward or reposition herself in a way that allows you a slight view of her breasts or she may emphasize the way she walks. Girls are creative in the way they do this. Be careful not to goggle though as it may make her uncomfortable. Know that if her display is too overt it may hint towards desperation or insecurity and you may have to decide whether it's still a good idea to get your ex back.