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As successful as it is at forming long-distance relationships and successful marriages.

Convenience has been the driving force for every millennial invention. Be it ordering food,Guest Posting groceries, clothes or cabs, everything happens in a matter of few clicks. Since our millennial generation has been running on toes to make their ends meet, finding time to socialize and fall in love became tedious. Hence, dating apps for relationships and socializing came into action. Online dating apps are somewhat like online shopping. On amazon we judge that bag to our best judgment based on pictures and reviews and on dating apps, we judge the guy based on his bio and good looks. The only difference is that you need to get through the tedious job of swiping and texting to finally go out with someone. But, like every other millennial invention, convenience was sort in this process too (the ‘t’ app was getting dated!). So, smart creative people like us made NO NAMES to make everything a few notches easier. With this meet up/dating app, the days of swiping and texting can be forgotten forever.

With No Names, users just post dates based on their preferences of place, date, time and people respond to these posts with date requests. So, No Names managed to make online dating like online shopping after all. Like the picture? Request to go out with him/her then! (add to cart, wink wink!). Oh, the picture reminds me of something. Yeah, you cannot screw this up. A few good pictures are your Aces to landing on a date because that is all you got to impress! That one glance on your post has to be so impressive that she’ll be compelled to send you a request. Now, how do you really nail the pictures? Fear not because we’re right here to help.

Here’s how those four pictures should be: -


This will be the first picture that she or he will be laying their eyes on. This one god damn picture determines whether they’re gonna swipe to look at more pictures of yours. So, you have to rock this one. Well, the easiest way to get them to go crazy over your features is to have a picture that highlights them. In that case, nothing can be better than a portrait. Post a portrait picture of yourself with you looking straight into the camera as if you’re looking at them eye to eye. Get that chemistry building even before you get to see them and if they feel that chemistry too, you’re most likely to meet each other.


Now that you have given them butterflies, it’s time to get those butterflies rushing into their hearts and heads. This is where a full picture comes into play. You’ve been giving yourself a hard time avoiding all the chocolate and sugar. So, let that determination pay with you flaunting your hot figure/good shape/abs/amazing any shape confident body to grab more of their attention. A confident pose highlighting all the great parts of you would make the best 2nd picture ever and get them asking for more.


By the time they’ve come this far, they already consider you a great looking person. So, now its time to let them have an insight into your life and your personality. So, nothing can fail a lifestyle picture. Love sipping margheritas? Get yourself clicked while sipping one. Is Bruno (your dog) the most adorable thing in your life? Flaunt your love for each other with a cute picture of you two together! (Ps: - brownie points for a dog because who doesn’t love/want one?)


This is the last picture you’ll be posting of yourself and trust me, you’re just this picture away from a worthwhile date request. You’ve posed enough, flaunted your body and your passions. Now, just ease up and nothing can be as easy going as a selfie with your welcoming smile and a happy face. Get them to see a bit more of the real fun you with this one and have them wanting to know you more than ever.

If you follow these instructions like a bible, I’m so sure that you’ll land with great dates and amazing meetups and who knows? You might find the love of your life as well, right? Just keep one thing in mind, Avoid the following at any cost.

  1. Gym selfies (creep alert!)
  2. Dog tag in your mouth picture (cheeky guy, just for hook-ups)
  3. The bicep flaunting picture (let your arms be by your side, you’re flaunting you and not just those arms)

Oh yeah! Keeping No Naming because other apps are getting you nowhere.

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