Women in their 30s are very sexy.

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http://www.hookmeup.com.au Now that your a woman in your 30s, do you worry that men are not as attracted to you as they were before you hit the big 30?

We recently surveyed 100 men on this very subject and have included some of their comments that we randomly selected from those who participated in our questionnaire.

Alex Peterson - 31. Perth Australia responded: What would be the basis for me to want to chat to someone over 30? Actually I wouldn't care as long as they had a good soul and could hold an interesting conversation - That's attractive.

Anthony Gilmore - 28. Gold Coast Australia responded: Given the choice,Guest Posting I would prefer a lady in her 30s. These women have seen enough to know that men aren't perfect, that life isn't perfect. Younger women are often caught up in trying to create an unachievable model, perhaps call it a vision. Bring on the sexy 30 year old babes all day long, as long as they can maintain one very important quality - Are passionate lovers.

John Campbell - 30. Adelaide Australia responded: I am often attracted to singles in their 30s and love dating women who are comfortable in their own skin and make no excuses for their age. That's why I like to meet singles from online dating sites, its easy to spot women, based on their online dating profiles, that are at ease with themselves and have woken up to the fact that its what's on the inside that's counts.

Derek Heywood - 34. Bondi Australia responded: Female singles in their 30s have been around the block a few times and know what they want and don't want. 30+ year old ladies are not as likely to hold individual principals regarding what men should or should not do. 30 year old women (and men for that matter) are aware that successful partnerships involve both parties willing to make concessions.

If you are female, single, and have recently hit the 30 year old mile stone, you have just entered into an age group that is highly sort after by single men. Modern single men are looking for independent women who have direction.

Women in their 30s who use singles online dating sites are more likely to receive responses from men seeking relationships than women in their 20s. What could be better than dating a sexy 30 year old woman, she has experience, maturity and class.

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