Women Suffer A Broken Heart Longer Than Men

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Women take A Lot longer to get over a broken heart than what men will. Afterwards it will take a long time for her to rebuild trust in a relationship.

When any relationship is on the rocks and you have broken up you will feel pain around the heart area called the broken heart syndrome. This is a very real symptom caused by stress which weakens the heart muscle temporarily,Guest Posting and if you look up the scientific explanation for suffering a broken heart, you will see that it is very real medical term know asstress cardiomyopathy’. People suffer a broken heart from the loss of a loved one more than anything else and women suffer a broken heart far more seriously than what men do. Looking for advice and ways on healing a heart broken from love is very necessary, especially for women that have been betrayed in relationships and who suffer a lot more than men when it comes to a broken heart and also who will take a lot longer to get over it. No matter how icy, or cold, or bitchy a women tries to come across, they all have hearts of gold, actually soft hearts of gold for that matter, and perhaps this is in their makeup as part of their maternal; instinct. When you betray the love of women then you truly hurt her, and the pain of a broken heart for her is far deeper than for any man.

Relationships are very precious to women

The saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ probably comes from men who have not realized how deeply they hurt their partners, because after the jilted women recovers from all the pain of the betrayal, she will certainly have cause to retaliate. Women not only suffer more from a broken heart than what men will, but also take a lot longer to get over it and though they will show on the outside that everything is fine; on the inside they are still hurting…. There have been cases where broken hearted women have slept for 72 hours, some have drastically lost weight, or gained weight; and sadly some that have taken their own lives through suicide after losing someone they truly deeply and unconditionally loved. If you have broken up with your girlfriend, then no delay should be taken in trying to make up with her, especially if you really love her. Women may initially lash out after getting hurt, and then afterwards suffer the pain of a broken heart alone trying their best to keep it hidden avoiding all contact with their partner that has caused the broken heart.

Most guys will openly admit they do not understand their partners and if you really knew what women want your relationship would be truly a powerful one. Relationships are more precious to women than for any man and if she gives herself to you then you should know it was done with a lot of thought, and of course love. It is worth building up a long lasting lifetime relationship with women in this case…

Women with broken hearts take longer to heal

If you break off a relationship with the women you love, then her broken heart takes double the time to heal as it will for men, and after it does you will probably not get a second chance to hurt her again the way you did. If you have broken up with the lady you love, then you should make haste in trying to get back together because she will expect you as the stronger partner to do so. Making up is a process same as how you built the relationship and women with a broken heart will make it difficult for you because of the pain, betrayal and anger they are feeling all at the same time. Women that have suffered the loss of a relationship and a broken heart will be loathe to trust the next guy that comes along and wants to be part of their lives, and if you happen into a relationship with a girl like this you really love that has been through the suffering of a broken heart from a previous partner, expect the relationship to take some time to mature. If you really love her it is going to be worth it.

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