February 22, 2004 Articles

Guide to a Growing Trend: The "Green" or Ecological Wedding

Does it seem like the phrases ... and ... could hardly have less in common? With the average wedding costing well over 15 thousand today, one would think so. And yet, the "green" or ecolo

The Reality of Successful Web Site Today

For a number of reasons, the analysis of ... feedback is too often given little ... Still, people who ignore research are as ... as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals (c)

What do YOU think, shouldn’t this practice be identified as being another scam?

Many ... offering an ... program are deriving much of their income from the sale of products or ... being sold to their own ... They are told they can earn higher ...

Mastering the Fine Art of Hinting

... ... the Internet is “Man’s Rules”. The sender requests you send it on to all females, so that women will “finally ... men.” It’s a list of things men want women to ...

The Tragedy of Cyprus -rescue by US marines of FBIS staff in a military coup

THE TRAGEDY OF C Y P R U S~by A. Djev. Basharan ... & formerly of the FBISA memory of the day of a military coupI had gone through this before. But it was not ... by bombs, shells, a

300% More Sales With A Simple Zero-Cost Script!

300% More Sales With A Simple ... ... ... S. Kumar ... word in the whole world sounds the most ... to ... Its your name! The

O. S. ARI - Some Anecdodes of Him -he was famous also for his wit and wisdom

... OF THE LATE O. S. ARI“ ...Ari’s voice, full of wit, filled the room... ... Dogrusoz in ’Kibris’ -5 February 1999)" ...He always wore a smile... "(Harid Fedai in 'Halkin Sesi' -27 Decem

Home Base Resources

Articles and ... for making your home base business a success. ... ... guidance that will help you navigate through the endless “get rich quick” mine fields of Internet ...

Identifying Work At Home Success Characteristics

Do people that are ... in home based ... ... common ... and, if so, what are the primary ones?The ... defines ... as: *having a ... outcome, or *ha

Secrets of Coffee Roasting, De-Mystified

I started my coffee roasting career as a home roaster. Getting started was easier than I thought. And as I did so, it occured to me how a ... simple concept, roasting coffee beans, has been mad

From A Jack To A King

Not much of an article here but wanted to share a couple of really great ventures that are really not too much out of pocket. At the bottom i've included a free audio just for stopping ... inyur

Does Your Shopping Cart Have a Squeaky Wheel?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping just before a holiday? The aisles are packed with people pushing carts, shelves need ... all the checkout lanes have long ... a fun ... Just

In Network Marketing, Do as the Romans Do!

Remember the old saying, When in Rome, do as the Romans do! This is the key for ... what ... program to sign-up ... I first started a business in Internet ... one of the fir

The Art of Forgiving

Have you ever sat down on a big rock by a flowing stream, hung your head and cried like a baby? Me neither but hey the days not over yet! ... in life we get hit hard and fast. Maybe by a friend

Are You An Innocent Victim of These Popular Myths?

... ... and just plain ... floating about income taxes. ... them could ... ... of tax ... ... Tax Preparer knows all there is