March 04, 2005 Articles

Smart marketing secrets revealed!

Ever wonder how other companies keep their sales momentum going? Smart marketing and communications programs are critical

God Is My Guide

'Dear God, thank you for healing my life. I open myself up to receive the love and the guidance that you give me, so that I might be an example of peace, truth and unconditional love for my family and the world around me.'

Authenticity = Freedom

The most courageous thing a person can do is to live an authentic life. What is an authentic life? It is a life lived from your heart, speaking your truth, standing in your truth, living in your truth.

Dancing Down The Road Called Life

As I sat down to write this article I asked little Terri, the child inside of me who represents my heart, what she wanted to write about. I saw her in my mind. She started laughing, wiggling, and dancing around the room, chanting "Dancing, dancing, dancing down the road called life."

It Takes All of Its Parts to Make a Car!

An automobile is a collection of parts that work together in order to accomplish controlled movement.

Men In High Places

Men in high-status positions are expected to execute certain tasks and behaviors in a superior manner. Just like James Bond who readily knows how to do everything and nothing, you need useful skills in order to become a suave "Jack of all trades." Use the following list in order to acquire the skills necessary to embody the essence of a successful man.

Reading People: Body Language Briefing

Body language is the meaning behind the words or the “unspoken” language. Surprisingly, studies show that only up to an estimated 10 percent of our communication is verbal.

Let Your Spirit Play!

Our Second charka or energy center is the seat of personal creativity and vitality. It governs our sexuality, sensuality, and vitality. It governs our sexuality, sensuality, and creative expression. When balanced it allows us to experience the vibrancy and sweetness of life. When opened and balanced we appreciate good food, good sex, good friends, good times, and the good life. It is the conduit for our spirits to fully enjoy the magnificence of the human experience.

Intuition At Home

In the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time talking to many people about nurturing intuition in children. In those conversations, one of the most frequent messages I hear from parents is just how painful life has been for them because they lost touch with their own inner voice and don't listen to their own heart in life, and how they want better for their kids. In fact, the number of stories of regret, lost opportunity, struggle and even sickness resulting from being led by other than one's own intuition are endless.

Right Versus Wrong

As you begin to tune into the world of energy, there are times when you may experience what appear to be false alarms. For example you may have a worrisome feeling and yet it turns out that everything is just fine. Does that mean that your intuition isn't reliable.

Why Pay Attention To Your Intuition?

One thing you will discover when you begin to nurture your intuition, is that what you are truly doing is nurturing you most authentic self, your spirit. Nurturing intuition is actually the art of discovering and honoring who you really are. Being intuitive means looking into your heart and recognizing the genuine self within. It means empowering yourself with the understanding that you are a spiritual being, a royal child of the light, thus keeping you from the darkness and confusion of searching for yourself worth through the approval of others.

As An Intuitive

As an intuitive and spiritual teacher, my mission in life has long been to guide people toward creating and experiencing the kind of lives their hearts desire. Lives that are physically grounded, emotionally creative, and intellectually engaging, where one feels loved, listened to, intuitive, inspired, and spiritually fulfilled. I not only believe this kind of life is possible, I actually believe it is our birthright and our Creator's natural plan for us.

8 Ways to Get Your Healthy Groove On

If we are lucky we will see more than 27,000 days. We spend a good portion of these days caring for, considering and supporting our physical body… getting enough sleep, eating right, staying active, drinking water, scheduling regular medical check ups, brushing & flossing, taking vitamins and caring for our skin, hair and nails. But, what have you done to care for your mind today? You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” I say…

The 11 Secrets to Sales Leadership

In his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill discussed the eleven secrets of leadership. Recently, as I was reading the book, it occurred to me that the attributes of strong leadership and effective selling have a tremendous amount in common. After all, to be really successful in sales, you need to be a leader, both within your own organization, as well as to your clients and customers.

Talks about Black (Shou/Ripe) Pu-erh

There are many black Pu-erh in the market. Some are Wo Dui processed and some are wet stored (we do not recommend drinking this type of Pu-erh). Wet stored Pu-erh tastes horrible and makes some first time Pu-erh drinkers believe that Pu-erh is a terrible tea. Although we have discussed the difference between Wo Dui Pu-erh and Wet Storage Pu-erh in our We Reveal the Mystery of Pu-erh ( page, we feel the need to discuss this topic even further.