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Why eBooks are crucial to your ... business needs input. The business mind must be like a fast flowing stream. Ideas, ... ... must be ... flowing through. Still water c

Why eBooks are crucial to your business

Your business needs input. The business mind must be like a
fast flowing stream. Ideas,Guest Posting viewpoints, suggestions must be
constantly flowing through. Still water can stagnate. So can
business. None of us know it all. We are constantly
learning. Well written eBooks can show us how to market,
advertise, build web sites, you name it. We avoid grief by
learning from the mistakes of others. How essential then
that you build your own reference eLibrary. Every time you
use it you can mine gold - if you do it right! This is why
eBooks are crucial to your business.

How to setup your own eLibrary

Just follow the same method as any library. A library has a
catalog. Books are grouped in sections by subject or author.
On your computer, create a folder call eLibrary. If you only
have a handful of eBooks to start with you can keep them all
together. As the number starts to grow create sub folders
for different categories, e.g. marketing, advertising, web
design, graphics etc. Put a shortcut to your library folder
on your desktop so it is always there as a useful reference

Where to get good eBooks

There are numerous resources. Put "FREE eBooks" in any
search engine and you will harvest a huge number of leads.
However, wading through the results can be time consuming.
An excellent site I discovered the other day was free-
ebooks. The URL is listed at the end of this article along
with another excellent link to a FREE ezine article
resource. To get started quickly, you can go to a top hit
list I have assembled of the books I have personally
obtained and can recommend from experience. The FREE ones
you can download immediately from the links.

How to speed eRead

So now you have your eLibrary folder containing a number of
top eBooks. You start to read. Overwhelming isn't it?
Especially if some of the books contain hundreds of pages.
The answer? Develop the skill of speed reading onscreen. You
need a way to quickly absorb information or you will be
there forever!

Two things are especially important with screen reading:

1 Your environment. Lighting should not produce glare. Poor
lighting can greatly reduce reading speed. High contrast is
preferred on the screen so the print has the greatest
clarity. This also improves comprehension.

2 Use speed reading techniques. Use one hand to hit the
'Page Down' key and the other hand to hold and operate a
guide such as a ruler. Holding the guide an inch or so away
from the screen, move it down at a reasonable rate, or use
sweeping motions across the screen. This encourages the eyes
to take in larger sections at a time, especially making use
of peripheral vision. With regular practice this really
speeds up screen reading.

Stop every 10 minutes or so and allow your eyes to roam
around your surroundings, perhaps focusing on a distant
object. This helps eliminate eye fatigue.

How to make your eReading electrify your business

The number one trap to avoid is to just start reading
WITHOUT any plan or preparation. This is like trying to
catch and hold falling snow flakes. Yes there are millions
of them and they all look so beautiful. Alas, they only last
one second in the warmth of your hand. A good eBook may have
a host of wonderful ideas. You are captivated by one, then
in an instant that one is forgotten as you move on to the
next. So how can you make your eReading sessions PRODUCTIVE?
Resist the temptation to just rush in and start. Instead do
this first:

Have a new document open in your word processor.

Scan the eBook's outline of contents so you can anticipate
what's coming and where the book is going.

Start reading objectively. This means you are looking
for something! Basically any idea or suggestion that you can
apply to YOUR business should be noted in your open
document. Enter the page number so you can find it again.
Alternatively, if you like working with hard copy, hit the
print button. Then use a colored highlighter on the key

After your reading session, set a time to implement or
investigate the points you have noted.

eBook reading should be a part of your weekly schedule. Make
time each day to scan or read another batch of pages. For
key eBooks, return to them after a couple of months and read
them again. You will be amazed how many more gems you can
sift out of it. What if the material in some books is
duplicated in others? They still have value. No two books
are identical. Does a gardening enthusiast have one
gardening book on the bookshelf? No. If you are serious
about internet business then you need a good collection of
eBusiness eBooks!

For example, a must in any eLibrary must surely be Ken
Evoy's "Make Your Site Sell".
(Review: http://www.vitalstop.com/ebr-myss.htm)
I read sections again recently which led me to make
further changes on my web site. I removed a lot of clutter
from the top of my web pages so a nice clean, clear header
could do its work of pulling the audience in to the main
body of the page. On previous readings I had missed that
point. This time it screamed at me in view of my web page

So get your eLibrary organized. If you already have eBooks
littered around your hard disk, gather them together and
build an eLibrary. Start using them. If you have not yet
downloaded any eBooks, make a start today using the
suggestions above.

Yes, you can eLectrify your eBusiness by eReading eBooks
from your own eLibrary!


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