The Guardians of Time: Countdown to Bookshops

Jun 6


Roxana Nicula Tanase

Roxana Nicula Tanase

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The Guardians of Time (Los Guardianes del Tiempo) is among the most eagerly expected novels in 2007. Thrilling and disturbing for both wright-wing and left-wing ideologies, the novel spokes out loud truths never revealed until today about the communist regime of Ceausescu and the Cold War. But at the same time it brings into the scene the long-lasting political conflict between the last colony in Europe, Gibraltar and Spain.


Ever since last February,The Guardians of Time: Countdown to Bookshops Articles when the book’s rights were bought by ViaMagna, a well known bestseller publisher in Barcelona, interest has increased steadily. Juan Pina is unheard of as an author of novels, but he’s not exactly unknown to several sectors in the Spanish public, as his articles and public stands on various issues have been controversial in the past. One such issue was his involvement as the founder of the country’s first civil movement in favour of the Gibraltarian’s rights and against his own country’s claim on the Rock. Gibraltar is of course present in the novel, and home to some secret facilities where part of the action taks place.

But Los Guardianes del Tiempo is by no means a novel on Gibraltar (although Pina certainly takes the chance to explain his views on the issue). In fact, the novel’s main characters are a Spanish secret service agent, Diana Roman, and a Romanian dissident and archaeologist, Cristian Bratianu. In 1989, both are compelled to find a chest containing the legacy of a long lost civilization, the one which gave birth to the Atlantis myth.

While this page turner takes the reader on a European tour (London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Bucharest, you name it), the author doesn’t miss his opportunities to open important philosophical and political science issues for debate. But it is fast action and awesome characters that prevail up to the dramatic events in the Romanian capital during the fall of communism by the end of the year. Bucharest is about to explode and the Ceausescus may be overthrown any minute. Diana and Cristian must find the key or else, humankind will be endangered, as the legacy contains crucial data to face a terrible threat against our species.

The book is set to be available at bookshops throughout Spain on June 18th. It will be sold at El Corte Ingles, FNAC, Casa del Libro, main supermarket chains and most large libraries. It can also be ordered online at the mentioned companies’ websites. The book’s ISBN is 978-84-96692-46-6. For further information and full synopsis, the novel’s website is (in Spanish). Publishers interested in translation rights will also find the appropriate contacts on that site.

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