5 Fashionable Designs of Cotton Pants for Men in Trend

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To motivate your new style, this article has come up with 5 fashionable designs of Cotton Pants for Men. Some are trending for casual outfits whereas others are formal and classic yet stylish. Let’s explore them below!


Good pants always help define the features of a man’s outfit. Cotton Pants for Men Online are always smooth and lightweight for the wearer. The best types of cotton pants will always retain their sleek profile regardless of the man is standing,Guest Posting sitting, or moving.

5 Trending Cotton Pants for Men

Here are 5 fashionable types of cotton pants for men that are trending in 2021:

1. Tapered Pants

These Pants for Men Online in India have a tapered cut or fit. Its top-end part around the waist is wider. It will shrink if you go downwards towards your feet and ankles. These pants are available in great colors with a chain hanging from a belt buckle. The fabric of these pants is 98% in cotton and the rest is elastin. You can pair them with sneakers and striped t-shirts.

2. Cargo Pants

If you want to try something different and new, go for cargo trousers. These men’s pants feel very comfortable to wear and look amazing as well. These pants have side pockets and tapered fit towards the bottom. The pant’s bottom has an elastic end. It is made with 100% cotton fabric. You can wear them with sneakers and full-sleeved t-shirts.

3. Cotton Linen Pants

Linen provides a soft and smooth feeling to the wearer. It has the same comfort factor as cotton. Cotton linen pants are perfect to wear both casually and formally. These pants feature a plain design and clean lines. The entire fit of these pants is a bit tapered. Both cotton and linen are used as fabrics in these pants. You can wear them with sneakers and full-sleeved shirts.

4. Designer Cotton Pants

These pants are tailored; hence, their fit is always amazing and perfect. Some designer cotton pants are available in dual shades where some are available in solid single shades. These pants’ design looks very straightforward and ordinary. Their fit is straight with a zipper and front button. These pants’ length extends over your ankles. In these pants, cotton fabric is used with elastin. Pair these pants with a pair of shoes and a t-shirt.

5. Pleated Pants

Want simple-looking pants with every feature you need? Then, go for cotton pleated pants. Being the simplest-looking pants on the market, these have a straight fit with clean lines. These pants extend up to the foot. 100% cotton is used as fabric in these pants. You can pair these pants with oxford shoes and a full-sleeved shirt.


Buying the right types of cotton pants for men is now easier. These days, many designs of pants are available online. You must find out the right store to make a purchase. If you are still confused, remember the aforesaid designs of cotton pants for men and buy the right one for you.

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