5 Interesting Facts About Chaise Lounges

Jun 21


Caitlin Joel

Caitlin Joel

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Chaise lounges that are a common furniture unit in modern homes owe an interesting history and many other facts that you must know before buying one. Read this article to track them.


The chaise lounge is a stylish and useful home furniture that is highly popular in our homes since the past decades. Over the years,5 Interesting Facts About Chaise Lounges Articles they have evolved into many different styles, ranging from simple to extravagant, but have always been considered as one of the best pieces of furniture for relaxation. Nowadays, industrialisation has permitted chaise lounges to be constructed more economically. There are many different alternatives or options when choosing a chaise lounge such as aluminium strap cushion chaise lounges or plastic resin cushion patio chaise lounges that offer a distinct design to any patio. Here are some interesting facts about them that you need to know:

1) Brief History

The origin of these chairs is traced back to 16th century Europe and France, and the term "chaise lounge" is derived from the French term "chaise longue", which translates to "long chair". Americans altered it to "chaise lounge" because the user was expected to lounge in it.

In the past, these chairs were mainly used by the royals and bureaucrats as an average person living during the 16th and 17th century simply couldn't afford such extravagant furniture. Due to the fact that these chairs were mainly the domain of the affluent people, they eventually became very much associated with luxury and wealth. This image was further magnified during the early days of Hollywood, as they were commonly featured in films. However, the early 20th century also served to make these furniture designs more accessible to the masses due to the industrialised process of furniture making which made their price cheaper.

2) Basic Design

Basically, the chaise lounge is a long chair resembling a couch except for two things - first, the back support portion of the lounge is inclined slightly toward the back, thus, making for a reclined position with the feet fully elongated possible; and second, the armrests may or may not be present in the chaise lounge.

3) Materials Used

In their earlier phase, the lounge chairs were made from natural materials like wood and rattan, which were often carved in intricate designs. Over time, they were available in many other materials like metal, aluminium and plastic but the wooden lounge chairs never lost their charm. This is because they are highly sturdy and also aesthetically pleasing. While indoor chaise lounges are available in numerous options of upholstery, the outdoor units are mostly framed with wood and rattan.

4) Functionality

The beauty of chaise lounge furniture is that it is adaptable to just about any indoor and outdoor space. As a result, it can be placed anywhere from the bedroom, dining room and living room to the porch, pool and even the outdoor deck. As their size is similar to a two seater sofa, they can also fit into tighter spaces like hallways and corridors.

These days there are different models for indoor chaise lounges and outdoor units. While the indoor unit is made to give a luxurious outlook, the outdoor units are resistant to extreme weather and are ideal to be placed at terrace or patio.

5) Styles

Homeowners have many choices in chaise lounges including the following styles:

One-arm chaise lounges - They feature just one supporting arm either on the right or left. This design originated in the Victorian era when the lounge were mostly used as a special chair for royal women.

Armless chaise lounges - As the name suggests, these units are designed without any armrest. Armless Chaise lounges look great near a lake or pool and are perfect for napping after a long day spent swimming or boating.

Day bed chaise lounges - They are designed for an upright sitting instead of a reclining position. Its design is not quite comfortable but it is still popular in many homes due to its stylish look.

As you have acquired some great facts about chaise lounges, buying these chairs would now seem much interesting to you. You can buy chaise lounges from a variety of retailers, including your local furniture stores or online wooden furniture websites. While both are good options, an online shopping destination is more useful while buying a furniture unit like this as they provide you with a plethora of varieties to shop from and that too sitting in the comfort of your home.