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The collection of batteries and chargers at dinodirect is really awesome.

Product name: 4 Ni-MH AA 2750mAh Batteries Intelligent Charger Kit DBK-620

Product rating: ****

Pros: Sleek,Guest Posting Stylish, portable, quick charging, safe to use, lightweight

In the present era, everything has gone hi-tech. Anything, be it large airboats or big airplanes, all are using several digital servos, therefore demand for battery and charger combo is all time high. Battery and charger should always be kept together for the convenience of the user so that the users can charge batteries anywhere and anytime.
There are batteries of different configurations to suit the need of the customers. The condition of battery can be displayed in two ways - voltage under capacity and voltage under load. These two conditions can be presented in the form of bar graph so that the user can read and understand easily. The battery is Li-Po, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH compatible. Meter of most of the batteries are protected from reverse polarity which means if by mistake the battery is plugged in from the wrong direction by the user, the battery would not be harmed.

The collection of batteries and chargers at is really awesome. A 12 Volt battery and charger combo is has a rechargeable battery which is trustworthy and does not leak. The charger that comes along with this 7 AH battery is of superior quality. So, with a 12 volt battery and an AC charger you would have a fantastic 12 volt source of power. Charger has a bright LED indicator to indicate whether it is functioning properly or not.
The charger has long leads and alligator clips which are absolutely insulated. A perfect 12 Volt 7 AH sealed battery with an AC charger has a great advantage because it is designed to be free from leak. One does not have to worry about its maintenance as it is maintenance free. You can have a look at the collection of batteries and chargers by visiting the following link.

The battery has two separate plugs one for charging and one for discharging. The battery is designed to protect it from overcharging and the power is switched off automatically during discharging. The battery comes along the charger which cuts off the power automatically when the battery is completely charged. It takes about three hours for the battery to get charged completely. The charger of the battery has the potential difference in the range of 9.6V-18V. This battery and charger combo is perfect for an electronic walking robot. The battery is Ni-Cd power packed. Not only for walking robot but it is also good for any 12 volt direct current portable device.

Both the battery and the charger are light and compact. Therefore they can be easily carried to any place. The battery has the dimensions of 2”H*2”W*5.25L an extra .25 is for the extension of the cable. It weighs about 1.87 Lb which is 848 g approximately. Total weight of the battery is about 4.2 lbs which is about 1905 volts. If the buyer wants to get more efficiency, he may use more advance 12.8 Li-Fe Po4 battery, which also comes along with charger. This battery charger combo has relatively high density and a much longer life. Apart from having great collection of battery and charger combos, dinodirect offers really affordable and reasonable prices for these.  

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