Check What Is the Best for Your Business? Ecommerce Store or Marketplace

Mar 11


Dinu Das

Dinu Das

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Are you confused between whether to opt for the best ecommerce platform to start a stand-alone ecommerce store or choose a marketplace?


Well,Check What Is the Best for Your Business? Ecommerce Store or Marketplace Articles once you become ready to venture into the market or ecommerce in India, choosing between the two becomes the next common dilemma. However, both having their advantages and disadvantages, you need to consider your business goals to determine whether it’s a marketplace that’s ideal for your business or an ecommerce store, created using the best ecommerce platform in India. 


What Is Online Shopping?

Online shopping refers to the action or process of buying goods and services over the internet; for example, purchasing products from an ecommerce website in India. This form of internet commerce allows consumers to buy products and services directly from online sellers using a web browser.Online shopping involves a consumer going online, going to a seller’s website (which can be anything, a marketplace like or an ecommerce website in India), selecting products and services as per their requirements, then proceeding to the payment and arranging for the ordered items’ delivery.Remember, online shopping doesn’t only mean the purchasing of online products but also searching for different items.

What Is an Ecommerce Store?

Ecommerce for business refers to the online selling of various services and physical products. An ecommerce store, usually created using the best ecommerce platform in India, refers to the online portal for selling and buying of services and goods using the internet, where transfers of data and money are done to successfully execute the buying or selling transactions.Depending on the different transactional relationships between a consumer and a business, there can be different types of ecommerce websites in India such as retail, drop shipping, wholesale, physical products, services, digital products subscription, etc.

Though setting up an ecommerce store may sound complicated to many but it isn’t. You don’t have to start everything from a scratch as long as you choose the best ecommerce platform that comes with multiple predefined templates and features.

What Is Marketplace?

An online marketplace is slightly different than what a platform of ecommerce for business is. Helping in streamlining the production process, the online marketplace is a type of multichannel ecommerce. In this type of ecommerce website in India, various services and products are provided by third parties and a marketplace operator processes all the online transactions before delivering them to the participating wholesalers or retailers who fulfill them.

In simpler words, an online marketplace is a particular type of ecommerce platform where a buyer can compare products and services and purchase them from different online suppliers. A marketplace serves more as a mediator between the vendors of goods or services and the consumers.

Ecommerce Store Vs Marketplace

Considering the growing popularity of ecommerce in India, here’s a quick ecommerce store vs marketplace discussion to help you select the right option for selling your products online.

Ecommerce Store Online Marketplace 1. Creating an ecommerce store using the best ecommerce platform in India means having an own ecommerce website.2. Ecommerce stores are required to be set up and then maintained by the seller regularly.3. Unlike a marketplace where everything comes ready, creating an ecommerce store requires proper designing, planning, engaging content and selecting the best ecommerce platform, in short, it is time-consuming.4. Here there are only two parties involved, the buyer and the seller.5. No need to pay anyone any commission since the ecommerce store is the seller’s only.6. The seller needs to pay for maintaining and hosting the store online.7. Having inventory, managing the purchase and orders become easier.8. The seller needs to take care of attracting more traffic and generating leads. 1. An online marketplace is a selling platform where multiple brands and business offer their products and services.2. It is the marketplace administrator who ensures that the marketplace is up and running, and don’t need you to maintain their sites.3. Setting up a store on the majority of marketplaces is pretty simple, and quick; usually can be done in one day or so.4. In a marketplace, there are three parties involved which are the consumers, the vendors or sellers and the marketplace administrator.5. You need to pay a certain amount of commission as well as some membership charges to the marketplace administrator.6. Very low or zero charges for maintaining or hosting the marketplace site.7. There’s no inventory here.8. The marketplace takes care of the marketing and traffic on the seller’s behalf.

So, in the end, it can be said that when it comes to ecommerce for business, the marketplace certainly is a more risk-free, quick and affordable option for selling your products. However,