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In 1946  after the second world war, Tadao Kashio started the company Casio. Their first production is calculators. Then they started producing the best electronic products. Casio keyboards are one of the the top most products that has become the number one products in the electronic and digital field. From 1980, their attention shifted to timekeeping, the most needed personal belonging ‘watches’. Since, Casio is already producing calculators, they combined them into their new watches which instantly became a big hit. Casio watches are popular for their innovative designs, style and quality.  Casio also concentrates on future products like cell phones and digital cameras.

Casio watches  are designed with their customers in mind. The majority of the Casio watches is for the rough and tough youngsters keeping up with  their trendy and fashionable attitude. These watches are available in all sorts of color combinations and in all ranges of prices. There are watches specially made for men,Guest Posting women and for kids. Moreover, unisex watches that can be worn by both men and women are also available with Casio.

Some of the popular brands of Casio watches for men in India are Edifice, Duro 200, Outgear and Databank. The durability of Casio watches is the highlighting characteristic liked by all. Casio watches can be worn all the time literally even during gardening, swimming, biking, mountaineering,  hiking, camping and during all other physical activities. All Casio watches for men are shock resistant, mud resistant and water resistant. Apart from retaining the rough and tough features, Casio watches are also stylish and fashionable. The Edifice series of Casio watches are the exact examples of the combination of ultra modern lookouts and the undaunted functionality of timekeeping.  They are cool and sleek offering chronograph styling.

Numerous Casio watches for men in India provide great outdoor features such as solar powered batteries, embedded with compass and world clock, light weight, etc., For example, let us look at the features of Casio Pathfinder PAG40-3v.  Other than having the usual features, this watch has altimeter, barometer, digital compass and a thermometer within it. The capacity of the altimeter is up to 32,000 feet measurement along with memory power to record data sets & temperature. There is an altitude alarm and graphing facility and it can remain waterproof till hundred meters.  The compass can display 16 directions.

Some of the Casio watches for women in India are Sheen, Poptone, Baby-G, Futurist, etc., Especially the Baby - G model is perfect for those who want functionality combined with great style. They have brilliant solid color bands showcasing 3D LCD. With the BDG110 series, you can customize the watch in a unique way that  can reflect your personality. You can select the timekeeping mode style and can blend the analog and digital features to enjoy a new format. By slightly slanting the watch position, around 12 types of different animations can be visualised on the display screen.

Casio watch prices in India are a bit costly however online shopping has increased the sales to a considerable extent since they can be purchased cheaply. The great affordability with regard to finance and time provided by the  internet is a great advantage for Indians to purchase Casio watches of their choice. 

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