Fitness movement of the seven small proposal

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On June 21, 2011, fitness movement small proposal

On June 21,Guest Posting 2011, at the headquarters of QAshoes company, our fitness experts after an internal meeting, for everyone to put forward several recommendations for fitness. In Fitness and sports is to maintain good MBT Online health and the promotion of physical and mental balance, the best way to reduce psychological pressure.1, the prudent moderate in training. Especially those age 35 years of fitness person, in the start of training is done before physical check, in the part of the body as evaluation, the doctor put forward by health care a fitness plan, Plan includes: sports method, the selection strength, frequency, duration, sport goals, etc.2, choose your favorite activities. Not everyone is suitable for running, you according to your body and activity preference determines how often activity. Not only can achieve the aim of the campaign, but also avoid single campaign dull and halfway.3, select fitness during the day. fitness day as possible a century in the morning or evening time, Ensure that this time can completely by ourselves. and it must exercise five days a week, at least half an hour a day. but remember that noon is not fitness.4, ready to fitness need of clothing and MBT Shoes. if you choose to walk or jog trot, sports shoes, sports is enough; If you choose to swimming, cycling or other projects, shall prepare the corresponding equipment.5, to accompany fitness can help provide team. team fitness benefits are, when you were on fitness and not-so-positive, team can make your fitness motivation.6, set your fitness goals. You want to lose weight? Lower cholesterol? Or wish to reduce blood pressure? These are our fitness goals. It is the incentive we will continue the fitness a kind of MBT Scarpe.7, carefully injured. The best way to treat injury prevention in the fitness, is to avoid the feet, the place such as the injured knee; If you're unfortunate injury, should stop fitness, promptly to the hospital for medical treatment.Carry out a personal fitness training, prior learn some basic rules, understand the fitness guidance, common sense, you can let the exercise they might encounter. I wish your exercise achieved desired effect.Especially for women some bad habits need special attention.1. The gym carelessTo best prepare for specialized fitness thick cotton soft bottom MBT Trainer or socks, because damp gym carpet is easy to hide and breed bacteria, such as Tinea, and Plantar warts. Slippers of public changing rooms and a swimming pool, although have been disinfected, but still wearing their most insurance.2. The constant exercise patternsIf for years without changing the exercise mode, very easily lead to regular exercise part of the muscle strain, and no movement to muscles has been neglected and are likely to make the body a disproportionate development. 3. Breathing too shallow People usually breathe is always too light. Such vessels containing oxygen levels below the levels of carbon dioxide, people will feel tired. So should every day and move on.

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