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The evolution of fashion in the last century has worked in favor of both comfort and style. From the shirking of metal corsets, painful innerwear, heavy petticoats, unnecessary layers, and the kind of garb that makes you want to lie down every few minutes - all of it was left behind in the past. Only the worthy have made it this far, let’s keep it that way.

The usability of the garments has taken the front seat with this healthy change. There have been so many developments and inventions in this sector that we can always find something for every occasion,Guest Posting and every kind of person.

One such development has been in the direction of bridging that gender-specific clothing gap. People wear whatever they want without caring whether it is ‘meant’ for their gender or not. This category has given more confidence to people who were not comfortable conforming to certain stereotypes and expectations that are dictated by the so-called society.

The best of this genre is shirts. First developed as garments solely for men, they have not only been transformed to fit women of every age, but also the fact that now we simply do not care if it was “made” for men or women. You like it, you wear it. That’s all. The variety of shirts that are now available is exciting, overwhelmingly so.

A good question would be how to style these garments? This is a question that is common amongst today’s youth regarding every piece of clothing that they buy or acquire, in order to get the most out of every item, figure out their style, and experiment with their looks.

The garment that is called a shirt has so many forms - a cropped vest with buttons is a shirt but so is a tee with graphics and cutouts. There is a very loose sense of frigidity and definition surrounding this garment. That makes it desirable for all. Not to mention the availability of these garments thanks to things like e-commerce.

Premium online shopping collections like the one offered by Iconic are the only tool required for your shirt shopping ventures. Pick one, pick two, or pick all of them and get them at your doorstep at a moment’s notice basically.

The next step is to style these shirts, which is not that difficult but you can still use the creative ideas listed below to add to your arsenal of styling hacks.



The trend of tying your shirt is not a new one by any means. But there is always a new way of doing it that you have not heard before. Here are a few of them:

Tie it backward

You have heard, and probably tried, tying your shirt at the front, but this is not something old. Take a button-down shirt, button it until the middle, and then take the two open ends and tie them at the back just like you would at the front. It is a look that’s both chic and androgynous.

Tie it with a twist

This small tip will immediately beautify your oversized tees and widen the number of occasions you will wear them. Take the ends of your plain oversized t-shirt and twist them together by rotating them in a clockwise direction and once it is tight enough to fit your waist, secure it with pins. Then ultimately, tuck the knot in and out of sight, giving you a crop top.

Tie it up with a hair-tie

For this one, you will need a firm hair tie. Take a graphic tee, twist a knot in it towards the side, just below the graphic, and tie that with a hair-tie towards the inside. This will create a knot on one side giving you a diagonal hem. This draws the eye in a more streamlined way.

Tuck it in and pull it out

That sounds like taking a stroll in the park and ending right back where you started without gaining anything in the process. But this technique is actually very fruitful. Tuck in your shirt as you regularly would, pull it out from the back, but leave the front still tucked in. This will create a high-low pattern that will create a better silhouette.

Wear it over a tee

Layer your button-down over a tee while keeping it completely open. This gives you good shape while giving you full coverage still. It is a good way of wearing a button-down shirt casually when it is notorious for being too formal, boringly so. 

Wear it under a dress

Spice up your spaghetti-strapped dresses or just make them weather-friendly by layering them over a full-sleeved shirt. This can be both maxi dresses - for a fall look, cocktail dresses - for a daytime look, a-line dresses - for a casual yet flirty look. Dresses change into a totally different clothing item once styled this way. Wear some ballet flats and this look is complete. Go be Emily In Paris.

Wear it as a dress

Take an oversized button-down shirt and tie a belt around it and you have a DIY shirt dress. You can also accomplish this by cinching the waist on the inside using a claw clip. There are also specialized pins available online for this purpose if you want to fully commit, otherwise, a few safety pins will work just fine. The ambiguity that provides just one piece of clothing is astonishing.

Wear a bralette over it

Wear a plain colored shirt with a bralette that is complimentary color-wise to the shirt. That will give you structure and coverage in one. This is a good option if you are on the conservative side or if it is cold outside and you still want to wear a cute bralette but it’s just not practical.

Wear it under a dungaree

Wear a cropped shirtunder a dungaree to give yourself a playful look and also show just a smidge of skin. This look is another one with a rather androgynous tone but still cute and muted enough for you to wear out. The cropped shirt keeps it classy. The outfit will be complete with a pair of loafers or slides, preferably in a neutral color.

Wear it over a tank top 

Take a shirt like this one and wear it over a tank to get an edgy look. To make it interesting you can opt for a tank in a bright color. This look was all the rage back in 2016 and all for good reason. In the past 2 years, people have shown that you can wear anything from any era and pull it off as long as it makes you happy.

Wear it under a knitted vest

Yet another trend that caught on was the “light/dark academia” core-inspired fashion. This included sweater vests as one of the most popular choices to achieve this look. Wearing a shirt under a sweater vest will give you the perfect academic vibe.  Pair it up with oxfords, some wire-framed glasses, and a beret, and you will look straight out of Pinterest.

Wear a shirt turned backward

No, you read that right. Take a button-down shirt and wear it so the button panel is on the backside of your torso. Button it up from the bottom till the middle and then tuck the shirt into your pants or skirt. This will give you a backless top that will look way trendier than a simple shirt. The only catch here is that your shirt needs to be one without a collar for this to work. This look will work especially great with high-waisted, wide-legged trousers. Tie your hair in a low bun and you’re good to go.

A final word

The person wearing the garment matters, not the garment itself. But it is like a piece of garnish on a 5 Michelin Star dish. Just like how you eat with your eyes first, no matter how great a person is, you perceive them with your eyes first.

The first impression any adult makes is through how they dress. It shows you who they are and who they want to be. It shows people just how much you pay attention to meticulousness and how you take care of yourself. It is thus an important aspect to pay attention to.

However, no adult with a life and goals would fixate too much on dressing styles. The presence of garments like shirts gives you the chance to get the best of both worlds. It saves you the decision fatigue otherwise known to render people immobile. With the option of browsing on the net, you can window shop and then shop to your heart’s content.

There are plenty of brands available in Iconic’s premium online shopping collection for you to surf through whenever you get the time or whenever you feel like it. And there’s no pressure for you to make a purchase decision soon or at all. Go crazy, go wild. Make your own hacks and create outfits using shirts from the luxury brands available on Iconic. And maybe you will go viral for one such technique.

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