How to Earn Quick Income from Online Bookselling on Ebay

Sep 28


AD Bertram

AD Bertram

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Ebay is on of the top marketplaces in the internet where you can start your own business. A person who wants to start marketing his items might consider starting in Ebay as the possibilities of selling his items fast. Selling books in Ebay is one of the most successful ventures in this marketplace. Learn the basic tools on how to earn quick cash from selling books in Ebay.


Today,How to Earn Quick Income from Online Bookselling on Ebay Articles Ebay is considered as the best place to start a business. Individuals who want to sell something just have to list their items for sale and wait for their business to make money. For instance, selling books on Ebay is a very ideal venture that can help you earn more. If you are not familiar on how to sell books on Ebay, read on.

To earn cash from Ebay by selling books, it is important to do your research. There are a lot of tips and information on the internet that can help you sell your books online. One of the first things that you need to do when it comes to selling books through Ebay is to decide what kinds of books you want to sell. Remember that instead of bestsellers, it is recommended to sell nonfiction books. In addition, the latest textbooks editions usually sell better especially for home-schooling families and during the back-to-school rush. You can prefer to sell books based on your interests including books on crafting, fishing, decorating, self-help or books about electronics.

If you do not own enough books, you can ask your neighbors, friends or relatives for donations. A lot of individuals are actually willing to hand over unwanted books so you can keep the books that you will sell and then donate the rest to charity or to your local library. It is also a good idea to put an advertisement in the local newspaper or online regarding your need for used books. You can also find used books on garage sales, thrift stores and libraries. In order to earn cash from Ebay by selling books, make sure to research the kinds of books that sell well before investing your money in buying old and used books. Determine which titles, publishers and authors produce good prices.

Keep in mind that the condition of the book is a very important factor in determining the book’s price. Therefore, to earn cash from Ebay by selling books, make sure to sell books that are still in good condition. It is best to look at the Ebay’s ‘completed listings’ section, which is under the Advanced Search in order to know which related books are selling. Also, if you want to sell your books fast, it is recommended to price your books below the average price. Make sure to list your books on ‘Fixed Price’ listing or as a ‘Buy It Now’ to sell faster.

Here are important steps in shipping your books:

1.      Choose the ‘Media Mail’ as your shipping method when listing your books. Although this method takes a bit longer, it is considered as the cheapest method when it comes to mailing books.

2.      Use envelopes or lightweight poly mailers in packing your books and make sure to get numerous sizes to hold different book sizes. This way, you can lessen the actual cost of shipping.

3.      Make sure to register for Click N Ship through Ebay/PayPal and USPS to be able to print the shipping labels. All you need to do is weigh the books at home and record the weight in order to determine the shipping cost.

4.      The common fee for shipping a paper back is $3.95, including handling costs and postage costs while the actual fee of mailing the package is $2.00 so your handling efforts are being covered with that extra cost. Remember not to overcharge for postage just to make money because Ebay and customers won’t like this.

When it comes to listing your books on Ebay, you need to have a record of their ISBN numbers, which are usually found at the back of the book. You have to enter this number in the listing form so that Ebay can do the search for your book. Once you have selected the right book, Ebay would then fill in the rest of the form with the needed information and specifics regarding the book, including a picture.

As of today, you need to pay five cents for thirty days as a listing fee so this means that you can list 100 books for just five dollars a month. Keep in mind that you must pay a corresponding fee to list the book. In addition, when your book sells, you need to pay Ebay for its final value.

In order to succeed in selling books on Ebay, you need to communicate with your customers. When a potential buyer asks questions, answer promptly and honestly; when one of your books sells, deliver on time. Remember to treat your book selling online as a serious business. Keep good records and make sure to separate your personal everyday expenditure from your business expenses. If you want to earn additional income without leaving your home, sell books on Ebay now!