Learn How To Get Success In Affiliate Marketing

Jun 1


Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath

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There are plenty of ways to make money online, but in this article I will show you how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. The first thing that yo...


There are plenty of ways to make money online,Learn How To Get Success In Affiliate Marketing Articles but in this article I will show you how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. The first thing that you need to understand is What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which people are promote others people’s or company’s products as an Affiliate, When a sale is done by the Affiliate, Affiliate gets the Commission from the product owner or Company. Commission range may be 4% to 80%.

This is a very profitable online Business in which you can start your Affiliate Marketing Online Business with a very little investment.  You can make a huge amount of money working from your home.

I want to insure you that this is not a get quick rich money method. You have to put some sort of efforts at a consistent basis to succeed in online business.

This is not tough as it seem, once you understand the whole system everything will be easy for you.

In this Article, I will show you how you can make money online. These are the steps that you have to take to make money online.

Following are the Steps to make Money online:

1.   Find a Profitable Niche: Niche is a specific Topic in which people are interested or people are looking for information on a specific Topic. Let’s take an example


How to lose weight, weight loss tips for teenagers, weight loss tips for women, Golf Tips for beginners, How to play golf like Professional, cooking tips etc.

There are tons of tons niches online. But we have to find Profitable Niches.

Profitable Niche means, a niche on which people are spend money for information.


Weight Loss is a profitable Niche because people want to look smart, young and beautiful among the people. Nobody wants to look overweight or looking ugly.


They want to change their personality among all the people, that’s why they are ready to spend money for Weight loss information or ready to buy products of Weight loss.


How To Find Profitable Niches


You can find these profitable niches by visiting to these sites like Clickbank, Amazon, Cj etc. These are the best place for online Digital and Physical products. Let’s talk about clickbank. Clickbank is the largest and biggest online store for digital products and it is also offer affiliate Programs.


When you visit clickbank site you will see there are thousands of digital products almost on every Niche. There are also different categories and subcategories of Digital Products. Categories like Health and Fitness, Business, Computer, Home Improvements.

Subcategories of Health Niche like weight loss, teeth whitening, men’s health, Women’s Health.


Now just pick up one Profitable Niche from Health Niche Category. I pick the Men’s Health categories Niche “Build Muscles”. It is a profitable Niche because people already buy the products on building muscle Niche.

They want to know how they can be fittest and how they can make their body beautiful and attractive.


Now we have a profitable niche Build Muscle. Build Muscle is a Broad Niche not a specific Niche. The next thing we have to do is, go to Google and type Google Keyword Tool the first site you see click on it. You will see Google Keyword Tool interface.


Enter your main keyword build Muscle in Google Keyword Tool and hit the Search button you will see a no. of keywords related to build muscle.


You will see a no. of keywords related to build muscle. You will see keywords like How to build muscle, how to build muscle fast, best way to build muscle, fastest way to build muscle, best supplement for building muscle etc.


These are much more specific niches and these niches are very specific and much targeted. These Niches are very profitable because people want specific information on a specific topic.


You will also see in Google Keyword Tool how many people are searching for these keywords.


Now I choose the Keyword Best Way to Build Muscle.


Characteristics of A Profitable Niche


When you choosing a profitable niche make sure there are certain characteristics that should have in your Profitable Niche. This is very important aspect of your online business because you are building your online business on that niche and it is the base of your online business.


If you choose the wrong Niche you will lose your business and if you do this in a right way you will build a successful business and also make a lot of cash.


These are the following Characteristics of a profitable Business:


                                 i.        Your Choosing Keyword or Niche should have more than 3000 Local searches in Google Keyword Tool.


                                ii.        There should be a product on your niche at clickbank. Which you can promote and make money. If somebody made a product on a niche it means he already makes profit from that Niche.



                              iii.        Check your niche on Google, just put your main keyword in Google. Let’s take an example if you put my main keyword “Best way to build muscle” in Google which I have found from Google Keyword Tool.


You will see Google results a list of websites, on right side of the results. There will be ads listed, it means there is a competition for this niche and it also shows that people make money from this niche.


If you don’t see any ads for your niche it means it is not profitable because competition in any business means profit if there is no competition no profit.