Magento 2 Theme Migration- What is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Website?

Apr 7




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It acquires some knowledge and expertise to transfer effectively. Moreover, performing Magento Migration to the latest version has the ability to provide customers the best shopping experience using the latest methodologies and advanced technologies.


The Magento theme migration is one of the most crucial phases of the Magento migration process.  It acquires some knowledge and expertise to transfer effectively. Moreover,Magento 2 Theme Migration- What is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Website? Articles performing Magento Migration to the latest version has the ability to provide customers with the best shopping experience using the latest methodologies and advanced technologies.

Key Components of Magento 2 Theme Migration

  1. Data

With the use of the Migration Tool, data such as promotions, order data, products, and etc, can be moved to Magento 2 in an easy and quick manner. An e-commerce platform can build a secure way in order to avoid dropping packages on the way.

  1. Extensions

Extensions play an essential role in adding new features and function expansion to your Magento store. In addition, several companies use them to run their mission-critical applications every day.

  1. Themes Customizations

The theme is a wonderful component of Magento 2 that offer customer’s good look and feel of the whole e-commerce website. New and innovative themes designed to integrate with Magento eCommerce development offer customers a personalized experience and deliver excellent performance as well.

Benefits of Magento Theme Migration

  • User-centric design & layout with the engaging checkout method
  • Superior UI with an advanced caching system for optimized performance
  • Ability to extend native core functionalities with trustworthy code
  • Regularly updated, streamlined, and flexible interface
  • Remarkable cross-platform experience from any platform or gadget

Steps to Complete Magento 2 Theme Integration

Step 1. Review Extension on Current Site

Ask yourself questions like:

  • What extensions have you installed?
  • Are all extensions required on the new site?
  • What data assets from extensions you like to upgrade?

Step 2: Build and Prepare for Migration

  • Set up Magento 2 using topology and design according to your Magento 1.
  • Install Magento 2 having all modules and Data Migrate Tool.
  • Make adjustments to the Data Migration Tool code in case you do not require to migrate data during migration.

Step 3: Dry Run

It is important to analyze all the migration steps on the testing environment before beginning migration on the production environment.

To perform migration testing, just follow these steps below:

  • Firstly copy Magento 1 store to the staging server
  • Next, migrate the replicated Magento 1 store to Magento 2
  • Rigorously test new e-commerce stores or hire Magento developer to perform the same process efficiently.

Step 4: Start Your Migration

  • Make sure that the Migration Data Tool has network access to connect Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Stop all activities in the Magento 1 Admin Panel, except for order management, such as shipping, creating the invoice, and credit memos.
  • Using the Migration Data Tool to migrate settings and websites.
  • Copy your Magento 1 media files to Magento 2.
  • If some of the extensions have data to migrate, you might require installing extensions adapted for Magento 2. In case the extensions have a separate structure in Magento 2 database, apply mapping files offered with the Data Migration Tool.

Step 5: Go Alive

After finishing, Magento 2 site is up-to-date with Magento 1. Perform these to cut into the new site.

  • Put your Magento 1 website in maintenance mode.
  • Press Ctrl+C in the migration tool command window to stop incremental updates.
  • Perform Magento 2 cron jobs.
  • In your Magento 2 system, reindex the stock indexers.
  • Hit pages in the Magento 2 system to cache page in advance of customers using the desired tool.
  • Do verification of the Magento 2 site.
  • Change DNS, load balancers, and so on to point to new production hardware.
  • Magento 2 store is now ready to use. You and your customers can perform all activities.

So, these are the important steps involved in Magento 2 Theme migration process.

Wrapping Up:

It is important to migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2 to optimize website performance. You can perform Magento theme integration yourself if you have proficient technical skills. Otherwise, hire an experienced agency for Magento 2 development and complete the migration safe and sound. They have all the resources to build an engaging & secure Magento 2 website.