Professional Internet Marketing - Are You Kidding Me?

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Critical considerations for the Professional Internet Marketer.

Don't waste your time trying to make money on line. You will listen to online new friends eschewing the limitless virtues of this or that product,Guest Posting you will happen upon the most amazing "gold Mines" and you will end up broke. Unless you just like wasting money...

Programs are not online businesses, are you kidding me?

Instead, start an online business if you want to make online profits. Businesses are different than programs. Programs suck your money and your time and return little reward. Online businesses are a different animal entirely.

While passion is not necessary to the survival of your online venture, it should not be left out that working for money almost always produces an inferior result compared to working in an area you have at least some passing interest.

In an online business, you know that the rewards are gained through patient research, diligent attention to the production of quality in whatever form, and nearly endless hours of keyboard tapping toil. Just like a brick and mortar business!

But the online business rewards you in grand ashion. You learn how to pull yourself up by your marketing bootstraps, so to speak. You learn you really can rely on yourself to pull through the long hours it takes to get ahead.

A real online business will open you up to tried and true internet marketing methods for generating real hard cash rewards. Real online businesses yield both profits AND knowledge you can use over and over again.

A huge benefit to Online Businesses over programs is the relationships that naturally evolve from the practical and pragmatic daily processes your business will demand from you. These relationships will become the JV partners of your future endeavors.

When you go after online income as a take no prisoners "I will succeed or die trying" activity, and also retain enough goodwill and restraint to be non-hostile and even friendly to others you are not competing with, you will win.

In the end, as a good friend put's it, "It's not who you know,... it's who knows you" and that means if your not serious enough to demand success from yourself, then those people who know you will remain ghosts, the "guru" class you never seem to get to associate with.

If you don't demand from yourself the effort and persistence they have demanded from themselves, how can you hope to co-mingle and generate and even retain respect? These people are business builders, not program hoppers. Make your choice.

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