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Dear ... many times have you sat and dreamed about changing your life ?What would it mean to you to be your own boss, ... to no one but yourself ? How would you like to earn enough money,

Dear Friend

How many times have you sat and dreamed about changing your
life ?

What would it mean to you to be your own boss,Guest Posting answering to
no one but yourself ?

How would you like to earn enough money, when you wanted to
in order to live the kind of lifestyle you want ?

There are many people out there who live their dreams. They
work for themselves, making money and enjoying the good life.

What would it mean to you if you could join that happy band
of people ?

Wealthy people have known certain "wealth creating secrets"
for generations. "Secrets" that have opened up huge riches.
These "secrets" are based on everlasting principles, which
endure from age to age. The detail may vary but the
principles are eternal.

Those born into wealth, grow up and are tutored in an
environment which consolidates these principles.
However, for the rest of us we either have to find a
rich benefactor to teach us the principles.

Alternatively we might win our riches on one of life's

Until now that is ! For in a series of articles I will show
you exactly what those principles are. You will also learn
exactly how to apply them to your own situation, whatever
that situation is. Learn these principles and you will
open up a worls you currently only dream of.

Living the life of your dreams is about to become reality.

The principles are presented as a set of strategies. Clearly,
everyone will use not all strategies. However, the more of
these strategies you can bring into your life, the more
successful you will be in achieving your goals.

Strategy - 1 Choose The Right Business

Choosing the right business to be in is the single most
important wealth creating decision you are ever going to make.

Burn this simple statement into your brain and from now on let
it be the guiding principle whenever you are faced with
evaluating a new "business opportunity."

Your business choice has to match your skill set, it has to
fall within the limits of your capital resources and it must
above all else compliment your character and personality.

When you have this optimum set of circumstances then your
business will be a pleasure and not toil. This is a clear
recipe for enjoyment and success.

Characteristics Of "The Right Business"

==> The business must service a large market - Niche markets
can also be very profitable but require specialist products
and customer service. Unless you have access to such
specialist products and can deliver the specialist customer
care it is best to steer clear of highly targeted markets
until you are more confident in your business abilities.

==> The business must adapt and change with the market.
However, beware faddish businesses can be very difficult to
operate because of the rapid rate at which market perceptions
change. Nevertheless "The Right Business" must be able to
predict, lead and dance to the market tune.

==> Capital outlay must be minimal in order to maximise
margins, cash flow and profits.

What Business Fits These Characteristics ?

A home based, direct response marketing business, dealing in
Information has all these characteristics and offers
unparalleled flexibility for the serious Wealth Creator.

If you take this a stage further and link this business to a
presence on the Internet then the opportunities to make
serious money increase almost exponentially.

What is Direct Response Marketing ?

Direct response marketing entails the targeting of a specific
market by use of direct mail shots.

These can be sent in paper copy by snail mail as in the
offline world of marketing lists or by e-mail as happens
in the online Internet world.

In the meantime before I show you how this business
opportunity can make your fortune, here are some little known
facts about direct mail.

These figures are relevant to the US, but the same general
Principles apply for most other Western, capitalist countries
including the UK.

=>Direct Mail is the 3rd-highest allocation in media budgets
after magazines and newspapers.

=>Studies show that, on average, every dollar spent on Direct
Mail advertising brings in $10 in sales - a return of more
than twice that generated by a direct television ad.

=>Amount of money donated to non-profits in response to bulk
mailings $50 billion.

=>By using Direct Mail to reach out to consumers, businesses
can expect sales to increase more than 7%.

=>Direct Mail accounts for about 50% of all pieces of mail
handled by the U.S. Postal Service.
=>Adding a promotional product to a mail promotion increases
the response rate by 50%.

=>The use of promotional products as an incentive to respond
generates 4 times as many responses as a sales letter alone.

=>The use of a promotional product as an incentive to respond
reduces the cost per response by two thirds.

=>A print advertisement with a bind-in Direct Mail reply card
will outpull the same ad without a bind-in by up to 600%.

=>Over 50% of recipients of Direct Mail read it immediately
and of those, over 40% found the information they received

=>Percentage of bulk mail that is thrown away unopened: 44%

=>Those who receive a promotional product in a dimensional
package respond at a rate 57% higher than those who receive
the same item in an envelope. Response rate for the
dimensional package is 75% higher than those who receive
only a sales letter.

=>Benjamin Franklin, the first postmaster of the United
States, was also one of the early practitioners of the
Direct Mail. He offered replacement parts and accessories
for his famous Franklin stoves with Direct Mail. He also
used Direct Mail to raise funds for the Pennsylvania Hospital.

=> Direct mail success is based on the following:
40% of your success=The Mailing List
40% of your success=The Product or Service Offer
20% of your success=Copy

=>Top 10 Uses For Direct Mail:

Generating leads
Generating store traffic
Responding to competitive activity
Generating customer loyalty
Generating new customers/referrals
Improving sales force efficiency
Improving customer service
Increasing customers' average purchase amounts -
generating higher sales
Announcing store hours/sales/new locations
Augmenting media advertising to top prospects and select

These figures have been sourced from -

Now lets get specific and see how direct response fulfils the
characteristics of "The Right Business"

** Large Market **

Direct Response is a multi billion dollar industry and growing.
For a statistical analysis see
The US leads the world as a market place, principally due to
the geographical spread of the country, the acceptance of
direct response marketing as a valid means of buying and
selling products.

The UK is a very sophisticated direct marketers environment,
where many US trends manifest themselves as a result of the
close cultural, economic and political ties between the two

Why Should You Start An Information Direct Marketing Business ?

=> People like Information. They seek it everywhere. On the TV,
on radio
at the cinema, in newspapers, in books and reports and since
the mid 1990's increasingly on the Internet.

=> The need for Information seems insatiable - the more a person
knows about a particular subject, the more they want to know. It
is also true that the less someone knows about something which
is of some interest to them the more they will seek out information
to expand their knowledge.

=> Advances in technology in the computing and electronics worlds means it is now unbelievably easy and cost effective to engage in
the Information provision business.

=> People will pay money for access to good, useful sources of
information. They have little time to do the required research
themselves and will pay someone else to distil the information
they require into useable forms.

=> There are numerous Information product types and it is more
than likely you will find one or more of the following financially
rewarding.E-zines (Internet name for Newsletters), audio tapes,
video tapes, CD, DVD, Live tele-conferences, workshops and

** Adaptable Business **

A direct marketing business working with Information affords
you the opportunity to change with your market as quickly as
it takes to produce a new Information product.

This can literally range from a few hours for news, short shelf
life information products to a few days or weeks for longer
lasting Information items.

In some cases the changes you need to make to your products
to stay ahead of changing market trends may be as simple as
title changes and a few amended paragraphs in the content.

** Low Capital Outlay **

Many of your good ideas go by the wayside for one simple reason.
It costs too much to successfully float the idea, and then to
sustain it through the early years as it becomes established.

An Online direct response information product business can be
started for less than $300 per annum in the USA or £200 per annum
in the UK.
At the very minimum, you will require an Autoresponder service
to serialise your Information product. An autoresponder is an
e-mail service that sends out your information to your e-mail
list at pre-defined intervals.

For those with a little bit more cash a secure e-book publishing
tool will help safeguard your hard work against cyber theft.
After you have compiled your material, the last thing you want
is for it to be "stolen". Secure tools exist to help protect you
against cyber fraud and theft.

Finally, you will require some means for accepting payment for
your Information Product.

One of the truly remarkable things about this business is that all
these requirements can be achieved for the low capital outlay
described above.

It's all very well to be able to start your new business on a
shoestring, but adverse cash flow causes more startup businesses
to fail than failure to make a profit.

When it comes to money there is one golden rule - Your business
must generate more cash, than you pay out !! Long term survival
is more dependant on this "law" than it is on making profits.

How then do you ensure that the business you started up on a shoestring
doesn't become a bottomless pit, swallowing up more money than it
generates ?

Information marketing via direct response offers you the perfect
Business setup to ensure a positive cashflow.

This is the one business in which you can test your product for
profitability using a subset of the large market you have identified.
If it proves successful you then roll it out to the rest of the market.

If however, the inital small scale, inexpensive test indicates
that the product is wrong, or the market is not ready then you
ditch the product and move onto something else.

The key message here is Test your product before you commit
money to the project.

I can hear you asking - And how exactly do I do that ?

The simplest way to conduct a test is to

=> Identify a large, hungry, market

=> Using a sample from that market ask what information
products they would like or

=> Generate your own idea for an Information product and
then write to a sample of the market and solicit their
views as to it's usefulness and value.

Summary Strategy 1 - Choose The Right Business

Choosing "The Right Business" model is fundamental to your success.

Make it easy on yourself and choose a proven business model
like Information marketing via direct response techniques.
Add in Online, Internet technology and suddenly your chances
of achieving your lifestyle ambitions are increased exponentially.

This is not to say you should not consider other Business models.
Ultimately the business has to be right for you and you alone. It
must match you skills, and compliment your character and personality
- this then becomes pleasurable, something you look forward to doing.
Something worthwhile getting up in the morning for.

Charles Kangethe has published various articles and e-zines showing
YOU exactly how you can turn your dreams into reality. This article
is the introduction to a series of over 50 wealth creating strategies.

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Charles Kangethe

Charles Kangethe has published various articles and e-zines showing
YOU exactly how you can turn your dreams into reality. This article
is the introduction to a series of over 50 wealth creating strategies.

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