Some of the less known facts about Flowers

Jun 2


Huma Talwar

Huma Talwar

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Flowers are sure to elate someone’s mood and we all know this thing for sure. There are different studies too which actually have laid down facts which can support the statement.


Bouquets of happy Daisies or sunny Daffodils are sure to cheer the even dullest of face. The Rutgers University took account of people’s reaction when they were gifted flowers and they elicited that there was a reflection of 100% true happiness which was manifested by the women.

Another study on flowers had shown that when women are left amidst flowers for days or rather weeks. The 2006 study from Nancy Etcoff ,Some of the less known facts about Flowers Articles a clinical researcher in Psychology at Harvard showed that when 55 women were left in between fresh flowers for several days then a subsequent change was seen in women’s mood they were happier, energetic and compassionate. There visual appeal and warm colors and sweet odor had a magical effect on most of the women around. More so, when these bunch or bouquets are given by your loved ones then there are greater chances of it being loved by women because they tend to build a strong association with it.

You can go for the lovely Daisies or the warm Yellow Roses to brighten up your living Room. It will add some vibrancy to your home. Get an online flower deliveryof colorful Gerberas or Daffodils the brightness of which is sure to spread happiness all around the house. Make this worthwhile purchase either during some occasion such as Birthday, Anniversary or Weddings. You can even send flowers when a friend or somebody very close to you is a little upset, it is sure to bring their Duchenne smile on their face.

You might look for a simple bunch or a bouquet to gift them to your dear ones or else you could also go for a basket arrangement which is sure to add some glamour to it and it looks beautiful if you could keep it on top of the coffee table or may next to your bed, it is sure to make you smile early in the morning. There are many online stores who have plethora of options in terms of flowers choose from viz. Tulips, Carnations, Lilies, Orchids and Roses to name a few. All you need to do is just place the order and they will ensure that it is delivered right at your doorstep. You can even send flowers to India and abroad with online flower delivery service.

Online flowers are available in varying price range so that you can choose from the different price ranges that are available to you. They will add their own sweet aroma to the flowers making your day quite lovely and fresh. If you have even skipped somebody’s important day you could still choose the same day delivery options which are available with some of the online flower delivery stores. Personalize the bunch or the bouquet with your handwritten message to make your loved one feel special and give a brilliant start to their day.