Tampons and Pads - Advantages and Disadvantages of Pads

Apr 7


Rudhra Venugopal

Rudhra Venugopal

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Here in this article, we can know about the advantages and disadvantages of tampoons and pads.

Tampons and Pads - Advantages and Disadvantages of Pads

They can be purchased in various shapes and lengths. The size of the pads is selected according to individual needs,Tampons and Pads - Advantages and Disadvantages of Pads Articles taking into account the severity of the bleeding, your weight, or height. Some sanitary pads absorb unpleasant odors, others are perfumed. You can choose sanitary pads with wings, which additionally protect the edges of the underwear against bleeding. The great advantage of sanitary napkins is that their use does not contribute to the development of vaginal infections, because the sanitary napkin gently adheres to it, and this does not cause any abrasions or damage to the mucosa inside the vagina. Sanitary pads can be used while taking abundant bleeding, but remember to change them frequently. Women who take birth control pills, use pads more often because they have poor menstrual bleeding 


A correctly inserted tampon is imperceptible. If you feel uncomfortable, it's a sign that the tampon is not ... 

Sometimes sanitary pads, especially those with wings, irritate the skin of the intimate area. Irritations are sometimes the result of poor sanitary pads and allergic tendencies. These hygiene measures are unlikely to work for a woman who plays sports during her menstrual period. The sanitary napkin may shift or collapse and is not guaranteed against leakage. In addition, sanitary pads are not as discreet as tampons and can be visible, for example, on the beach. With each change of sanitary pads, a woman should wash her private area or use tissues for intimate hygiene to feel fresh and comfortable. When buying sanitary pads, you should consider whether they have absorbent cotton or a plastic cover. The plastic cover may cause skin burns.

Tampons are placed inside the vagina, are invisible, and can be used if a woman plans to swim or sunbathe during her period. Tampons are perfect for summer days, they do not irritate the skin of intimate areas and prevent unpleasant odors. Additionally, tampons absorb more secretions than sanitary napkins. You can purchase tampons to suit your bleeding rate and vaginal size.

Tampons as hygienic measures are not recommended for women who often suffer from intimate infections, because tampons can additionally irritate the vagina and aggravate the degree of infection. During heavy bleeding, it is worth using a pad as well, because tampons can get soaked quickly. For some women, the application of tampons causes pain. Tampons should be changed regularly so that they do not "swell" with the excreted blood too much. When choosing between pads and tampons, consider your individual needs and lifestyle. You should also take into account allergic tendencies and tendencies to infections.