The 9 Easy Steps Steps to Create a Branded Background Tiled Image

Jul 17


Mike Makler

Mike Makler

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You have seen those web pages where they have the name of the Name Web repeated over over over in square tiles as the background. Now by following these 9 Simple steps you too can create a web page Branded with your Name, or Company Name.


Wouldn't you like to have a more professional looking web page. Is Your Web Page bland and Boring? A Name Branded Word Art Tiled Web Page may be one just what you need to add some spice to your Web Page and explode your response Rate .Anyone can create a Professional Looking Word Art Tiled web page Branded with your Name,Product Name or Company Name in Minutes Following these 9 Simple Steps

Yo do not have to be a graphic designer to create Tiled Word Art Web Pages.With Microsoft Word and Microsoft Paint and these 9 easy to follow Step anyone will be able to create Name Branded Tiled background Images.

Step 1

Go into Microsoft Word and Create a Word Art with your Text.

Just click on The Menu Item Insert,The 9 Easy Steps Steps to Create a Branded Background Tiled Image Articles Then Select Picture, Then Select Word Art.

* Select a Word Art Template

* Enter Your Word art Text

* Select your Font Style and Size

* Rotate your Word Art (Going from Top Right to Bottom Left seems to work best)

Step 2

Open Paint and create a New File

* Click on Menu Item File the New

Step 3

In Paint ---- Set Image Attributes Size to

Width 168 Pixels

Height 197 Pixels

* Click on Menu Item Image then Attributes

* Type 168 in Width Text Box

* Type 197 in Height Text Box

* Select Pixels

* Click OK Button

Step 4

Go back to Microsoft word and Copy the Word Art Image

* Right Click on the Image then click copy

Step 5

Go to paint and Paste the Word Image

* Click on Menu Item Edit then Paste

Step 6

In paint choose your background Color

* Click on Menu Item Colors and Select your Color

* Then Click the Little paint Can (Fill with Color)

* Then Click the Image

Step 7

Save Your Paint File as a Gif or JPG - img.gif or The JPG image is the more desired format. It will take up more disk space and load slower but it will have better resolution. Try them both and Decide if the slower load time is worth the increase in resolution

* Click on Menu Item File then Save As

* Type a File name in the Type In Box (myimage.jpg)

* Select GIF or JPG from the File Type Selection Box

* Click the Save Button

Step 8

Upload the Image to your Web Page. (You can either use your Web Page Cpanel or FTP to do the Upload) http://domain/images/myimage.jpg

Step 9

Place the following code inside your body tag background="url.jpg"

Don't settle for your first draft. Go back to Microsoft word and Play with different Templates. Also play with different Font's Styles and Colors within each template. Be Creative and have fun and you will be amazed at how many different variations you can come up with. You will be amazed how a simple change like a Branded Word Art Tiled Background image can take your web page from looking plain and ordinary to looking explosive and Eyecatching.

It is also OK to have more then one Tiled Background for different parts of your Web Page.