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Marketing forums is one of the best places to market your online store for free. Here in this article we would be discussing on the various such marketing forums.

Despite what others may say the best way to get to grips with Internet marketing and to start networking with people is through various Internet forums - discussion boards that predate the Web 2.0 and social networking craze. These forums have absolute gems of information that you might otherwise pay for and there are plenty of people willing to give a helping hand to those that have any questions.

However,Guest Posting on the flip side, there is always the possibility that you can become so consumed and addicted to the forums and so overloaded with information that you become virtually paralysed and end up doing nothing! Also, you need to watch out for people giving bad information or exaggerating their claims for reasons unknown. In light of this, we've put together a list of the top 5 Internet marketing forums which you should be a member or check out.

Warrior Forum - Since 2002, 186,000 members

One of the original Internet marketing forums, the Warrior Forum is noted for the more serious marketer. The geographic makeup tends to be more from the English speaking countries and it has a high percentage of American, Canadian, British and Australian members. There is an absolute wealth of information on this forum and it's the one site you definitely should be a member of. Most forums are unable to charge a membership, but the WF has managed to create a successful paid membership option which has the top marketers sharing tips and information. They also allow paid members to run sales called Warrior Special Offers (WSO) where you can pick up some of the best information on marketing and making money online for a fraction of the price.

SitePoint - Since 2002, 320,000 members

Another long time player, SitePoint originally became popular because of the webmasters who were visiting it and looking for information on how to build and create their sites. It evolved over time to become an all encompassing webmaster, internet marketing and online entrepreneurship forum. The standard of posts is generally quite high; people are helpful and can provide quality information. SitePoint is a forum you should read or be a member of because it covers a broader area of online business than the Warrior Forum which is primarily about online marketing.

WebmasterWorld - Since 1996, 200,000+ members

One of the original forums on the Internet for Webmasters and the layout has barely changed since - when you hit a winning formula why change it! The forum used to be a paid forum but that business model was unsustainable since so many new forums sprung up. They still have a paid section, like the Warrior Forum which gives you access to paid members only sections. It's not very good for promoting and marketing your website as they have very strict guidelines on mentioning any websites and you can't even put your link in a signature. However, because of this, the quality of discussion is generally pretty good and no one has ulterior motives to be on the forum since they can't promote their sites. The sheer size of this discussion board means it may be a little bit overwhelming for some.

Buxoff - since august 2014, 10000+ members

One of the original forums on the internet for the ecommerce managers. It is mostly a forum for ecommerce and coupons. It is a unique forum where the store managers directly come and interact wih the consumers. The consumers can get to know more about their products through their explanation about the product. The main focus of the forum is to bring both the consumers and stores together. and apart from ecommerce and coupons based discussion, there are a lot more discussion on online marketing and other discussions.


The DigitalPoint forum has unfairly gotten the name of the gutter forum in the webmaster and Internet marketing world. It has fairly liberal and open policies and has become increasingly used by webmasters and Internet marketers from developing countries who are keen to make a buck or two - resulting in low quality 'me too' posts simply to promote the links in their signatures. With that said, I take advantage of this by often hiring people from DigitalPoint to do various bits of work for me like submissions, content, design and programming. The ease at which you can find people to do odd jobs makes this one of the top Internet marketing forums that you should be a member of. Every now and then you will also find some good information or even some bargain places to buy links and domains from.

Ewealth - Since 2004, 121,000 members

Dedicated to discussing ways to make money online, the Ewealth forum is highly recommended because it bridges the gap between Warrior Forum and SitePoint perfectly. It focuses on the various ways to make money online and has a lot of successful people there to help you out. Most of the discussion is centered around affiliate programs and affiliate networks, so if this is something you'd like to get in to, eWealth is probably the best forum you can be a member of. It will give you loads of tips and tricks on how to successfully apply to various affiliate networks, including CPA networks and how to start generating cash from promoting the offers.


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