What Is ECommerce and How It Works?

Jan 26


Abhinav Sharma Singh

Abhinav Sharma Singh

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Well everyone knows about eCommerce websites but fewer know about their history, their emerging value in today's world. Most importantly, how it works? This article will explain all the above queries.


Have you ever shopped online? For this,What Is ECommerce and How It Works? Articles you must have bought goods from a website like Flipkart or amazon.
You will be happy to know that whenever you did an online transaction, you also became a part of e-commerce. So let's know what e-commerce is and how it is making our life easier.
E-commerce Means buying or selling any product or service online. E-commerce is also called E-Business. The stores that sell products online are called e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Flipkart T Alibaba. In this article, we will know about the history of E-commerce, its platform, types, and future of E-commerce.


E-Commerce was started in 1979 by Michael Aldrich. He connected his TV to a computer with the help of telephone line. This does not sound like e-commerce, but the idea of online shopping started without going to shop.
Back then, a common man did not have computers, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs took computers to the common people. Bill Gates also said that he wants to see computers in every house. E-commerce cannot be done without a computer.
Then in 1994, Jeff Bezos started the first e-commerce store Amazon.
Amazon sold 10 lakh books online in the first year itself, slowly Amazon became the most popular e-commerce store, where now everything is sold. After 1995, people started using computers, companies used to check for payment initially. Then there was no other means of payment. Then PayPal came in 1998 which made it easy to make online payments. In 2002, IRCTC started E-COMMERCE in India. At IRCTC we can book train tickets online. When online train tickets started being booked. Then people did not have to be in line for hours. This was the puzzle time when the concept of online booking in India came out.
In 2003, AIRPLANE's TICKET also started being booked online, after IRCTC Airlines also started the online booking option. Then slowly all the airline companies started online booking. People's money was also saved from this, which they had to give to the middle agent. Today you can do online booking of all things from websites like Bookmyshow and yatra, movie tickets, hotel booking or travel.
FLIPKART debuted in OCTOBER 2007
E-commerce has been known in India since 2000, but the real start of E-commerce started in 2007 with Flipkart. Gradually other companies like Amazon, Jabong, and snapdeal also started selling goods in India.

What is E-COMMERCE website?
E-commerce websites speak those portals from where you can buy the product or service. On these websites, money is given through online payment or by cash on delivery. Initially, e-commerce used to be from phones or email. Now you can buy whatever you want from websites. The most common retail e-commerce sensors are followed by Wholesale.
Let's know what is retail and wholesale e-commerce?
E-commerce would also be quite different.
Business to consumer - Here, businesses sell goods to the consumer, on these you can also order a minimum product. These products will be delivered to your home. Such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Aliexpress.
Business to business (B2B) - It sells goods in bulk, you. Seller has some minimum requirements, and you have to buy Uttana. Such as India mart, Trade India, and Alibaba.
Consumer to consumer (C2C) - On these websites, the consumer only sells goods to the consumer. Such as eBay or Olx

E-commerce advantages: E-commerce has many advantages such as:
GLOBAL AUDIENCE: Seller and buyer are everywhere. You can buy or sell goods from wherever you want.
PRODUCT CHOICE: You get a lot of sellers in one place. With this, you have a lot of options for the product. Choose whatever you want
LOW COST: When competition increases, money decreases. The consumer benefits from this. He gets the goods online for less money.
Many software companies are focused more on creating high-quality e-commerce web design due to its unexceptional demands in the market. If you are enthusiast to start an e-commerce business with eCommerce website then there is numerous web design company who can do that for you.