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Nov 29


Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels

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Here are some great tips, tricks, add-ons and shortcuts fortwo popular email programs; Qualcomm's Eudora and MicrosoftOutlook / Outlook Express.


Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Tips and Tricks:

o Did you know that you can view ongoing email conversationsby quickly changing the view in Outlook and Outlook Express?Select a message in your in-box,Email Tricks Of The Trade... Articles click on "View", point yourcursor to "Current View" and then click "Group Messages byConversation". You'll see all messages with that particularperson and they'll be organized in a nice, neat thread!

o Worried about a virus? First off, NEVER open an attachmentbefore virus checking it. Also consider using "ChiltonPreview" rather than Outlook's built-in preview pane.

Microsoft Outlook's AutoPreview lets you see just the firstthree lines of messages. It also leaves you susceptible tomalicious code in html messages. "Chilton Preview" is a tinyadd-on that puts a whole third pane on your Outlook window,to let you scroll through entire messages without openingthem. It reads the plain text equivalent of HTML messages soit does not leave you vulnerable to malicious code in HTMLmail.

o You can have Outlook and Outlook Express quickly add anyemail addresses to your Address Book. Just open any incomingmessage then right-click on the name you want to add. Thenclick on "Add to Address Book".

Outlook and Outlook Express keyboard Shortcuts:

o Press F3 to perform an advanced find.o Ctrl-Q will mark a message as read.o Ctrl-K matches the text typed into the TO field withan existing contact.

Outlook Add-ons you may want to try...

o ListsNet Tuner: AutoReply: Email Talks:

Eudora Tips and Tricks

Qualcomm's Eudora 4.3 is now available. If you are a4.x user, you can get the update for FREE at:

o Did you know that you can schedule outgoing messages forlater delivery. To use this feature just hold down the Shiftkey as you click "send" or "queue" on your outgoing message.A box will pop up asking you when you want to send themessage. This is a great feature for sending reminders tofriends, family and even yourself! I use it all the time, asa matter of fact I just sent a scheduled message that willarrive a few days before my next anniversary. (Fellas; maybeyou should do the same!)

o Need to move Eudora from one computer to another and saveall your old mailboxes AND messages? Just save the .toc and.mbx files and copy them to the same directory in your newcomputer. Next time you reopen Eudora, bingo, all your oldmessages are there!

o If you ever have the need to get your email from a remotelocation but won't have access to a computer with Eudora,just grab a free web email account from Eudora before you go. You'll be able to send andreceive email right through the browser of any computerwith Internet access.

Eudora keyboard Shortcuts:

o Ctrl-A selects the entire text of a message.o F7 toggles the preview pane on and off.o Shift-space bar toggles a message between the read andunread status.

A few Eudora add-ons you may want to try...

o PureVoice Player-Recorder: EasyTranslator Express: available at Beginners interactive guide to using Eudora Light:

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