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If you’re running your business, must have you opened your mails. Your emails opened is the most important step, If people aren’t opening your emails, hence they can’t read your content and it is not good for your traffic.

Let’s discuss- What is an open rate in Email Marketing?

The average email marketing open rate is between 15 to 25%,Guest Posting but it varies across industries. If you have or starting ecommerce business then email marekting is pretty way to generate more sales. 

When you decide you need to increase your open rate, you need to look into two key factors- the first one is the deliverability and your subject line. 


Make sure your email delivery should be fast. 

And ask yourself the few questions-

  • What is your bounce rate?
  • Are you able to use a high-quality IP address to send your emails?
  • Have you authenticated your sending domain?
Subject lines

After checking your delivery rates, you need to focus on your subject line copy. 

Here are the few tips to get the best subject lines: 

  • Keep short- Most clients don’t prefer a subject line after 40 characters.
  • Use actionable language - the subject line should inspire your readers which helps to engage with your content. 
  • Don’t neglect preview text: Explore your subject line in the valuable preview text.
How do you measure your open rate?

You should check all your important figures like open rates, click rates, and bounce rates, etc. 

Check all these numbers over time and run A/B tests to check your performance. 

You can track your open rates in email marketing campaigns.

How to calculate and increase your open rate is important for getting your emails opened. 

If users aren’t opening your emails, it means  they are not able to read your content. In that case, improving your open rate is a big step to optimizing your email marketing strategy.

However, once subscribers open your emails, it’s important to provide them with valuable content. 

If the subject line is engaging or attractive but the content isn’t interesting in that case no use of a good subject line. 

Now, you understand how to increase your open rate, it’s time to experiment with some unique subject lines that stand out from your competitors and attract interest with new subscribers. 

Don’t forget to run A/B tests to see which subject lines perform best. 

All marketers have one common goal - to capture their visitors or email addresses. If you visit any blog or media website you’ll see email signup forms pop up, slide in, and dropdown.


Why brands are eager to collect your email address?

Because email is the only direct connection to connect with their audience.

Every serious content marketing plan is focused on email list growth.

Email marketing analytics- Open rates and beyond

Email reports appear in two places- First in your ESP (email service provider), and then in Google Analytics. 

The ESP reports open and click-through rates. 

Google Analytics reports on what the visitor did after they clicked on the email and landed on your website. You’ll need both to get the complete solution.

As with all reporting in digital marketing, the reports that come from ESP are never 100% accurate. 

Open rates are an imperfect metric. So how can a marketer increase open rates? What are the key factors in email open rates?

Here are the top success factors of email messages that drive traffic.

The first three are the major factors in open rates and the last two are the major factors in click-through rates. 

You can imagine how the sender name, subject line, and preheader increase your email open rates. 

Personal sender name's 

It is the most important factor in open rates. If the sender name includes a person’s or personal name, the email becomes more personal and more chances to get opened. 

It is the most important factor in open rates. If the sender name includes a person’s or personal name, the email becomes more personal and more chances to get opened. 

Crunchy subject line

Your subject line decides whether a mail will be open or not. If it doesn’t include a strong subject line or curiosity, it’s not doing a good job. So, be careful about your subject line.

Keep in mind, your subject line doesn’t have to be the same as the title tag or headline of the article. 


Screens are small and mobile inboxes are different. The first five words might be cool or meaningful. Make sure to use the best words & phrases at the beginning of your email subject line.

Some words may reduce the delivery rates of email because they can sometimes trigger spam filters. Avoid using these words like raffle, rewards, coupon, discount, savings, and offer. They are among the worst-performing words in email marketing.

Keep it short

The research shows that subject lines can be effective, but try to make short.

word headlines performed the best counting and the average seven-word headline contains 41 characters.

Use your top social posts as subject lines

Whichever your post had the best engagement in social media, use as an email subject line. Your next great subject line is waiting for you in Facebook Insights or Instagram.

Meaningful preheader text

The third and final element is the preheader text. This is either the first words from the email me or a text at the top of your email template. You can use it as another way to indicate the increased email open rates.

Before doing, just look and ask yourself - Is this preheader meaningful? Or Interesting? 

The next two factors of your email marketing are the click-through rate and traffic. 1.  The email body (design and text)

The design of emails is different and depends on the design of web pages. Some emails are visual and others are plain text. Few are focused on promoting a single article and others are in a digest-format with multiple links. 

Pro tip- Links to other websites, social media networks, or email addresses may get clicks but not drive traffic. These clicks might be one of your goals but not drive traffic and conversions. 


Mostly, B2B subscribers using a work address & generally open emails on a laptop in the office. But everyone has access to email everywhere like mobile or even both.

Test your emails on your phone and the text should be easy to read, left-aligned and it should be wrap nicely. The email should load fast. And the design should look good or attractive. 

Don’t give it all away

If your goal is to drive traffic, it doesn’t need to put the whole message in the email. If you put the whole data in the email, the subscriber doesn’t have to click at all. They may read it, or delete it.

Everyone loves beautiful design but it’s worth it when sending plain text email and comparing the click-through rates.

2.  A specific call to action

These headlines may links to your article, but here you need a call to action. A good call to action uses all the principles of conversion, it draws attention and uses a strong verb. 

For mobile-friendly web pages, make sure that calls to action are low and centered. 

The bulletproof button

At times, it creates a issues if your calls to action are image-based buttons, rather than text-based links. But there is a proper way to design a link to look like a button using a bit of HTML and CSS code. This factor plays a very important role in open rates.


Every successlful IT companies used this way to generate more leads and engagement with costumers. Now design your template with template design tools to help design emails that will boost your open rate. The template design tools are free marketing tool that makes it simple to create responsive, HTML emails by uploading images, adding text, and typing directly onto CTA buttons. Use the editor’s user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface to design beautiful marketing emails and increase your open rate!

Now it’s your turn

Before you go, can you let me know or share your thoughts?

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