Prove Victim Protection Order Violations Using a Reverse Email Search Investigation

Dec 5


Ed Opperman

Ed Opperman

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If you are a victim of domestic violence and the abuser has violated a protective order a Reverse Email Trace Report may provide the evidence you need to identify that stalker.


There are quite a few reasons why a person might need to have a reverse email search investigation performed. Just one of these reasons is to prove that a violation has been made against a victim’s protection order or VPO that has been put in place by a judge. The purpose of a victim’s protection order is to protect innocent victims from a specific person from such things as harassment and physical harm.

In many situations like this men and women have been known to violate these orders by getting in contact with the victim through an email account. A lot of these people believe they will never get caught if they create an anonymous email to send harassing messages and threats of physical violence to the person they have been ordered to stay away from. What they are not aware of is an anonymous email address can be easily traced when a reverse email search investigation is performed. The results of these investigations can help significantly in giving victims the proof they need to submit evidence to a judge when the rules set forth in a VPO have been violated.

While there are many people that believe there is absolutely no way you can trace an anonymous email back to them,Prove Victim Protection Order Violations Using a Reverse Email Search Investigation Articles the effectiveness of a reverse email search investigation has proven otherwise over and over again. Just imagine the huge impact this type of evidence will have on a judge in a court of law.

There have also been situations where a person has been falsely accused of sending harassing or threatening emails to a person after a VPO has been put in place. Not only can a reverse email search investigation provide evidence of harassment after an order like this is in place, but it can also provide evidence when a person has been falsely accused.

When you consult with an expert private investigator that has thorough knowledge in performing a reverse email lookup investigation, in a very short amount of time they can provide you with detailed information that will hold up in a court of law. They have the skill and knowledge that is required to identify people on very small amounts of information. What many people that try to go against the orders of a VPO aren’t aware of is every single move they make on a computer system can easily be traced by a professional.

Several years ago it took a lot of footwork for an experienced private investigator to prove threats and harassment. However, today’s high tech world of technology has paved a road that is a whole lot easier to acquire the evidence you need to prove a case.

Do not overlook anonymous emails of harassing threats when there is such a beneficial service available to reveal the person behind the threats of physical harm that are being sent to you. A reverse email search is one of the best and most effective types of investigations used today to trace anonymous emails sent by a person threatening to cause you bodily harm.