The Different Types Of Strip Clubs Explained

Sep 30


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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Strip clubs come in a few different varieties, from the "gentleman's club" to the small hole-in-the-wall. This article explains the differences and what you can expect from each.

Strip clubs might not be labeled differently but there are definitely different types of these establishments. They might all be called the same thing but,The Different Types Of Strip Clubs Explained Articles upon entering, you will find that some of them provide you with so much more, while others are simply there to give you an eye full and take as much money as they can get. If you are searching for the best place to hang your hat and enjoy the sights, make sure that you know what to expect when you walk in.

Gentleman's Club

A gentleman's club is a more high class place, where you will be able to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a more upscale environment. There is usually a charge at the door and you should expect to pay more for drinks and food, but it is normally worth the extra money. You can expect the girls to be of a higher caliber and this means that you will get your money's worth there as well. Also, make sure that you're properly dressed. At a nice place they won't let you walk in wearing a t-shirt and grubby jeans.

The Not-Quite-A-Gentleman's Club

There are those strip clubs that make themselves out to be a "gentleman's club" but they don't provide all of the facilities and amenities that you would normally find within one of them. These establishments might have a kitchen, but they're usually much simpler in terms of what they offer. They're not quite as high quality as a gentleman's club would be. This doesn't mean that they're not worth going to; on the contrary, they offer affordable prices and a much more laid back atmosphere. Lots of folks prefer places like these.

Bars And Strip Clubs

Bars will sometimes add another dimension to their facilities by incorporating dancers within their establishment. These places will usually contain pool tables or dartboards and the dancers are usually located on a small stage, in the corner of the establishment. They may also have a separate room or area for the dancers where you pay a small entrance fee to enter. Locals within the area usually frequent these establishments.

Paying More For Better Service

Strip clubs are a lot like restaurants - if you expect to pay next-to-nothing for drinks, food and entertainment, then you will get what you pay for. It costs more to enter high-end places and if a place is super-cheap, you shouldn't expect too much. However, lots of people love visiting places that are smaller, cheaper and more local. It really all depends on your taste and what you want out of the experience. Either way, don't just walk into the first place you see. Spend some time researching to find a place that suits you.

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