Environmentally Friendly Ways To Dispose Of Various Items

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As a citizen, it is vital to do your best to protect the environment. One thing you should do is properly dispose of your waste items. This guide will tell you how to do just that.

If you have a large family,Guest Posting you definitely know how much waste you can accumulate over a week. Of course, you will religiously toss your household waste products in the trashcan and drag them down to the curb every week. There are better ways to dispose of your food, cleaning products, plastic, batteries, and medical wastes. Below you will discover 4 ways to dispose of your household waste products properly.


Alkaline Batteries

Small batteries should not end up in your trash bin, instead they should be recycled. Many garbage service companies will offer recycling services to their customers. Of course, this may cost you around $10-20 extra each month, but just knowing that you are protecting the environment, humans, and animals from being exposed to toxic materials, you will be satisfied with yourself.


Water Soluble Cleaners

Most water soluble cleaners can be properly disposed of, by flushing them down the sink drain. Of course, you should take the time to read the package label, before actually pouring the liquids down the drain. If you have any unanswered questions, you should go ahead and make a call to your local water treatment center.



Most household candles are made of wax, so you should never melt them and pour them down the drain. You can safely dispose of wax or beeswax candles in the trash bin. If you pour the melted wax down the drain, it will harden and potentially clog your plumping pipes.


Paper Towels

Paper towels should never end up in your toilet, because they will expand once they are exposed to water. The paper towels will expand to the maximum size and clog your plumping pipes. While it is okay to toss the paper towels in your trash bin, you will find many churches that will have a paper recycling bin set up in front of their facility. Many garbage service providers will also offer paper recycling services to their customers for free.


Tree Branches

If you have a lot of trees around your home, you will definitely be faced with lots of cleaning projects during the spring and fall seasons. Instead, of bagging up those leaves and dragging them down to the curb, you should rent a machine that mulches from your home and garden store. You can place the mulch around your flowers and in your vegetable garden to keep the bugs at a bay.


Garbage Disposer

Last, but certainly not least, you may want to consider investing in a garbage disposal, such as the Badger 5 Garbage Disposal. This item will give you the ability to grind up some of your food waste, before sending it out of your home. The waste can be sent directly to a sewage facility or to your septic tank. Either way, the appliance offers a great and much greener way to dispose of your waste, without harming the environment.

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