Mosquito Control: The Best Ways to Effectively Combat Mosquitoes

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Mosquito-born diseases affect millions of people worldwide each year. The bite of a mosquito can result in anything from a skin irritation to contracting malaria. Clearly, mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, but also potentially harmful. By taking measures such as wearing long pants in wooded areas or disposing of standing water, you can minimize the chances of attracting mosquitoes. These measures, however, are often not enough, and specialty products used to combat mosquitoes are required. Each of the products used for mosquito control have varying degrees of effectiveness, and it is important to know that some may be better than others. Mosquito Nets


There are a variety of mosquito nets available in different sizes,Mosquito Control: The Best Ways to Effectively Combat Mosquitoes Articles materials and shapes. Each style of net has its advantages, and ensuring that you are using the most suitable one increases your chances of eliminating mosquitoes. It is crucial to find a net that has a mesh size large enough to allow air to circulate, but small enough to keep the mosquitoes out. Mosquito nets can be used to cover small and large areas such as your bed or your porch. Mosquito nets are an effective way to naturally combat mosquitoes. You can find mosquito nets here:

Electric mosquito zapper

An electric zapper works by using ultraviolet light to lure in bugs and then kills them upon contact with its lethal dose of electrical charge. Unfortunately, although this is a highly successful way of killing bugs, mosquitoes are not actually attracted to ultraviolet light, and research into this method of mosquito control shows that 90% of what the electric zapper kills are actually insects that do not bite. In fact, some of the bugs that are killed are those that help us eliminate mosquitoes by eating them. You can find electric mosquito zappers here:

Mosquito Magnet

Like the electric mosquito zapper, the mosquito magnet is one of several mosquito traps that claim to best eliminate the pesky insects. The mosquito magnet works by releasing a carbon dioxide spray, heat and moisture that the mosquito mistakes for prey. Once the mosquito gets too close to the magnet, it is sucked in and eventually dies of dehydration. The mosquito magnet is run by a propane tank and can therefore be transported anywhere. This form of mosquito control is the most expensive of all methods and there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. You can find mosquito magnets here:

Mosquito Repellent

There are a number of natural and chemical mosquito repellents that work to repel mosquitoes. The synthetic chemical repellent, DEET, is the most effective. It is essentially a poison that masks the natural odor and carbon monoxide that is released from the human body. DEET must be used with caution, especially with children. It has been known to cause dizziness and can severely irritate the skin. For these reasons, many people choose to use a natural mosquito repellent like a citronella spray. Citronella has active ingredients that repel mosquitoes and for some, the lemon smell is very appealing. You can find mosquito repellent here: Read more about mosquito repellents here: