The Environmental Issues Of Pakistan

Oct 22


Muhammad Asjad Khan

Muhammad Asjad Khan

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The environmental issues of Pakistan and how they are affecting the country and its population


Pakistan is one of those countries that is suffering quite a lot from,The Environmental Issues Of Pakistan Articles not one but, different environmental issues. While air, water and noise pollution remain at the fore front of our climate problems, issues such as global warming and shortage of clean drinking water have become a major problem for the country. And as a nation we are not helping ourselves, the EPI index suggests that the breathable air quality in Pakistan is very poor. Then the deforestation and no steps being taken to reduce the ever increasing pollution is very alarming. Pakistan needs to seriously make efforts to reduce these environmental issues.

The Global climate index suggests that Pakistan have suffered a lot of weather and pollution related casualties. In 2018 alone Pakistan suffered 566 causalities, losing US $47.313 million (0.0048% of GDP).  While the German watch reports suggests that Pakistan have lost more than 500,000 people due environmental problems in the last two decades. The problem is that the numbers have been accelerating every year.

One other major issue for Pakistan is the shortage of water. Pakistan, according to UNDP and PCRWR, will suffer from absolute water scarcity in 2025. That is due to the climate change, pollution and lack of interest on this issue from the government.

The water scarcity issue is aggravated by climate change in Pakistan and the increasing temperatures around the country. Many glaciers have melted due to this issue, those glaciers who act as Pakistan’s water reservoirs. The increasing temperature’s devastating affect could be seen some years ago when a deadly heat wave in Karachi killed more than 1200 people in just a matter of a week. According to the science ministry of Pakistan, if the trend continues, the country will be left with little to no glaciers in the year 2035.

Another big issue for Pakistan is the loss of trees and the increasing deforestation. While the government is working on planting more trees and cracking down on those who are illegally cutting down forests. Still the country has lost nearly 25% of their forest in the last 2 decades. This has given rise to the climate change in Pakistan and the shortage of water in the form of rain.

Pakistan is trying to grown on the industrial side but it is completely neglecting the harmful effects and consequences of increasing pollution. Pakistan, like China and India, suffers greatly from pollution caused by industries and factories. But unlike them, Pakistan is doing very little to tackle this grave issue.

Pakistan is also allowing itself to get ravaged by the effects of increasing population.  The country’s population is growing rapidly and the economic condition is not helping the government to manage the increasing issue. Due to this the quality of life is decreasing the distribution of clean water is becoming more and more difficult for the higher authorities.

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