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Title: WILL GLOBAL WARMING CAUSE ANOTHER NOAH’S FLOOD? Author: Arthur ... Author: mailto: ... ... © Arthur Zulu 2002Word Count: 632Web Address: http:/



Author: Arthur Zulu
Contact Author: mailto: controversialwriter@yahoo.com
Copyright: Copyright © Arthur Zulu 2002
Word Count: 632
Web Address: http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/10975

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By Arthur Zulu

Man is a very clever animal. For example,WILL GLOBAL WARMING CAUSE ANOTHER NOAH`S FLOOD? Articles he is the only one who knows that the world will end someday, and worries about it. And he is the only creature that can create anything out of a useless thing like ice.

Now, let’s imagine ourselves in a man-made ice theater-- floor, roof, and all. We are sitting on chairs made of ice; drinking beer from glasses (made of ice of course), and we are about to watch a play.

What is the play about? The actor, (of course flesh and blood) is going to enter into a mighty cooking pot made of ice. Then he will be covered; and the giant ice cooking pot, suspended by equally giant tripods (made of ice too), is to be
heated by a gigantic fire.

As we the spectators watch to see what happens to the actor, we observe that first, the iced floor begins to crack
as a result of the fire. Then the pot begins to melt, and before we know it, the ice-made glasses on our hands, also begin to melt as a result of the heat.

Suddenly, the roof of the heated ice theater begins to give way and collapse on our heads, and before long, we find ourselves swimming in an ocean of water. So, we the spectators become actors; and birds and all sorts of flying things, become the spectators!

But wait. This is not a play. It is real, and very soon where once used to be our houses, might well become an ocean,
and we all will be swimming for our lives! And if you live in
a coastal city, say New York, London, or Cape Town; you had better start making your ark for another Noah’s flood. But how, you may ask, will this come about?

Over the decades, man has turned up the global thermostat through the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This has caused climatic upheavals (heavy rain, drought, superkiller winds), and health hazard
(skin cancer).

It has even been speculated that the warming trend could bring about the opposite -- global freeze. It happened before in Europe at the end of the Ice Age when a natural warming initiated a phenomenon that shut up the Gulf Stream. Suppose it happens again, and throws us into a deep freeze for say, 2000 years (the previous one in Europe lasted 1,300 years).

What if the former wins out and the polar ice begins a Great meltdown. It has been melting for decades, and several bodies of water have been forming at the Arctic and the Antarctica. And so what?

If you live in Alaska, you will now understand why memorial crosses are collapsing on the tombs in your local cemeteries while the tombs themselves are yawning and displaying their bowels. And you will know why your house is sinking or slanting at a terrible angle, and why your country roads are cracking up.

Even the animals are perplexed as they roam into unexpected lakes (where once used to be ice), and grasslands (where forests once stood). So the marooned polar bear gazing helplessly at the equally marooned countryman knows that the ground on which they are standing is playing games.

Just in case you are skeptical of the global warming trend, you could do one of two things: Find out why ivory gulls are now soaring in the Arctic, the land of polar bears. Or look
up down under and say what caused the gaping holes in Australia.

Yes, there are difficulties in predicting the Greenhouse effect. This is as a result of the roles of some elements --melting ice and snow, clouds, the oceans, volcanoes and solar cycles -- in the heating and cooling process of the earth.

But that does not mean that we should take the warming trend as natural, or for granted, because a major climatic change may soon come. Why wouldn’t it come when we continue to burn gasoline and coal without check. Dump the Rio Summit! Forget the Kyoto Protocol! Who cares if a global flood is coming. Let Holland sink. And let Bangladesh go under water. We will all swim!

But not to worry; it may not happen now. It may be the lot of your great great grandchildren, perhaps when the earth had hit 15 or 20 billion. And the little children may find it funny after all.

Imagine 15 or 20 billion dancing boats, with their occupants waving multi - colored farewell flags on a global ocean. Like
a carnival. What a way to exit the planet -- the boats become floating coffins; and the ocean their watery graves!

Copyright © 2002, all rights reserved

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