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If you've got the time and the energy, here's an excellent idea for a Blue's Clues invitation. You'll need four different postcards for each invitee. Each postcard will have a different clue (Blue usually gives three clues) and the fourth will be the real invitation. (Mail the postcards every other day for a week - enough time before the party - and don't forget to put a paw print on each postcard).

First clue: A drawing or picture of a birthday cake and something saying "Blue left you a clue,Guest Posting do you see? A birthday cake for you and me! Two more clues you need to find, to figure out what Blue has on her mind!"

Second clue: A drawing or picture of balloons and something that might say: "It's clue number two! There are so many balloons you see, now you need to look for clue number three!"

Third clue: Print out a picture of your kid with his/her face cut out and you can say something like: "Sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, think.... What could Blue want you to do? Come to a Birthday Party! But for who?"

The last invitation can say: "Did you figure out Blue's Clues? Yup!! You're right, kid's name is having a birthday party", then write the date, time, address etc.

Another thing you might want to say is "Wear blue from head to shoe so Blue will recognize you!"….

Here's an original Blue's Clues idea for thank you notes using dog language!? Yep, dog language - I'll teach you... Print out a picture of your child on the front with a cartoon dialogue balloon saying: "Woof-woof arf Bike grrrrr woof-WOOF! Rrrr, kid's name", and at the bottom write "Translation inside". Inside write: "Thank you for the great Bike for my birthday! Love, kid's name."


A terrific idea is to decorate the birthday area with different shades of blue and white balloons and streamers. You can also hang light-blue and dark-blue streamers from the doorway for a "curtain" effect. Use blue tablecloth and whatever other decorations you can dream of with shades of blue and turquoise. Also, you can draw large spirals on a sheet of light blue and dark blue paper and cut along the spiral to hang from the ceiling.

Take out any Blue's Clues theme related toys and accessories and scatter them across the house, on shelves, tables, in the yard, etc. Table centerpieces can be red pails and yellow shovels (standing for Shovel and Pail) filled with stuffed characters from the show. You can also decorate a clock just like Tickety-Tock.

In the entrance to your house, put up "Mailbox" by taking an old mailbox (or any cardboard box), spray painting it purple and using colored craft foam and wiggly eyes.

Use blue chalk to draw paw prints leading to your house and cut out paw prints to hang all over the walls and floor.

The family room can be transformed into Steve's living room by putting a red sheet over an arm chair and transforming it into "Thinking Chair".

Blue's Clues Costume

You or another grownup can also take part and get dressed up as Steve (with a green-striped shirt and khaki pants).

As the guests arrive, a fun idea is to take blue headbands and glue on blue felt ears for Blue's doggy ears and have everyone wearing them during the party.

You can then use face paints or face paint crayons to paint little blue noses or dog faces on the guests. Make collars out of Velcro felt strips and glue on them plastic jewels.

A bunch of little blue-eared munchkins running around the party area will, with no doubt, get everyone into the Blue's Clues mood.

Ice-Breaker Activities

A great Blue's Clues icebreaker idea is to give the guests, as they arrive (along with the floppy ears), is a little Handy Dandy notebook and neat blue pencil.

Make dog name tags for each kid by cutting out pieces from aluminum pie plates. (These can be great icebreaker activities, as well.)

*Color your own Doghouse: You can get a large TV or Refrigerator box from a nearby appliance store and have the kids draw and paint on it. It can also be used as part of the party decorations afterwards.

*Dog-Bones: Before the party, use Dog-Bone cookie cutters to prepare several sugar cookie (bones). Let the kids frost their own cookies with blue frosting and also prepare several different kinds of sprinkles and decorations. Place their cookies on a paper plate with their name on it and this can be added later to their favor pack or eaten during the meal.

*Dog Ears: Give each kid a headband with blue dog ears (made of craft foam, construction paper or felt). Let them decorate it with blue dots (you can use the blue sticker dots used for labeling files available at office supply stores).

*Blue Magic: Give each kid a sealable sandwich bag filled with 1 cup of cornstarch. Then give them each ¼ cup of blue-tinted water to slowly mix into the cornstarch. Carefully press the excess air out of the sealable sandwich bag and seal it shut. Have each kid gently knead the sandwich bag until the mixture is well blended and smooth (tell them to do this carefully so that they don't puncture the bag). The kids love to see how the mixture turns from dry to wet and slowly turns blue.

Food and Drink Ideas

For cake ideas check out the Blue's clues homemade cake gallery at


Even if you don't need seasoning, no Blue's Clues party would be complete without Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and baby Paprika, so have a few shakers on hand. Here are some ideas for foods:

*Corn DOGS
*Blue Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft has Blue's Clues Mac & Cheese)
*Sandwiches made with soft white bread (so that you can cut them with dog-bone cookie cutters).
*Red 'Paprika' spaghetti (spaghetti with tomatos)
*Magenta Lasagna
*Periwinkle fish sticks
*Mrs. Pepper's peppered lemon chicken
*Handy Dandy hamburgers

Tip: you can serve many things in dog dishes or sandpails with shovels.


*Blue's Punch - blue Kool-Aid (or you can freeze blue punch in ice cube trays and have the kids put them in a clear drink like sprite or 7-up...)
*Magenta Punch - raspberry sherbet, sprite, and berry punch juice concentrate
*The Blue's Shake - place 2 cups of vanilla ice cream, 1 ¼ cups of low fat milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar into a blender and mix until combined. Then add blue food coloring a little at a time until the mixture is a nice shade of blue. For a thicker shake, place it in the freezer.
*Blue Lemonade - Blue loves lemonade!! You can turn any ordinary lemonade into a Blue's Clues drink by adding 1 pint of pureed blueberries.

Tip: Try freezing Blues Clues fruit snacks in ice trays and then the kids have Blue appear in their cups when you drop the ice-cubes into their drinks.


*Blue Jell-O (in dog bone shapes)
*Blue's Clues Applesauce (found at most supermarkets-or just put blue food coloring in applesauce).
*Blue Jellybeans
*Dog chow (any mix of dried cereals-Chex would be good)
*Blue Tortilla Chips with blue sourcream (just mix in blue food coloring)
*Blue Cotton Candy
*Blue Popsicles
*Mr. Salt's salted pretzel sticks

Tip: Most grocery stores carry many Blue's Clues snacks, and you might be able to find fruit snacks, crackers, applesauce, and many other kinds of Blue Clues licensed by Nick Jr.

Party Favors

A neat Blue's Clues idea for favors is to make your own DOGGIE bag favors? You can take blue bags or use a Shovel and Pail. Put inside trinkets such as personalized dog key chains, personalized dog bones, a magnifying glass, mini paw tattoos, a bone cookie, Blue's Clues stickers, blue crayons, blue candies, happy face items (to represent FACE), and anything else you can think of. Another variation of this favor idea is to put these trinkets in dog bowls with the names of the kids written on the bowls.

Another way to hand out favors is to make a giant mailbox out of an empty paper carton and poster board. Then put all the goodies in large white envelopes and put them in the mailbox. At the end of the party, your kid can have "Mail Time" (just like in the show) and the birthday child can hand out the envelopes to her departing guests.

Games and Activities

The Snoop: Hide about 40 cardboard bones or bone-shaped cookies at "dog height", and have the kid puppies hunt on hands and knees for them.

Doggy Drink Race: What you'll need for this Blue's Clues game are two or three doggy dishes. Put Jell-O or any kind of drink in these doggy dishes and have the kids kneel beside the dishes with their hands behind their backs and see who finishes first the doggy drink. This is always hilarious!

Barking Contest: A hilarious game idea is to host your very own barking contest where everyone is a winner. Each kid gets to give their best bark, and then you can award prizes for loudest, saddest, most real, squeakiest, funniest, etc.

Shovel And Pail Relay: For this cool game, get two sets of sand buckets and shovels and draw Shovel and Pail faces on each of them. Then form two teams and have a relay race where the kids have to pick up a small block with Shovel and then run to the other side of the room to dump it into the pail. The first team to put all their blocks into Pail is the winner.

Blue's Bubble Doodles: This Blue Clues game needs to be played outside. You'll need blue food coloring, white paper, and bubbles (you can make your own bubble mixture by mixing ½ a cup of dishwashing liquid, 2 tablespoons of glycerin - found at drug stores, and 5 cups of water. STIR, do not shake). Add the blue food coloring to the bubble mixture and give each kid a sheet of white drawing paper. Have one or more adults blow bubbles and tell each kid to try and catch the bubbles on their sheet of paper. As the bubbles pop they make a design on the paper. See who can come closest to making a paw print.

Let's Find Blue's Clues: Before the party, think of several clues that'll be easy for your age group. Write each clue on an index card or a piece of notebook paper, and add a blue paw print to each. Here is an idea for a clue: "I'm cold on the inside, and I run all day and all night long." When the kids figure out that the answer to the clue is a refrigerator (you can try giving them more hints if they don't figure it out), have everyone look inside the refrigerator for the next clue. Hide the remaining clues all around the house, party area or yard (you can have the last clue lead to the birthday cake for a tasty surprise!). This is always a fun-filled child party idea!

Mystery Clue Balloons: Hide all kinds of party favors everywhere around the party area. Then write clues on little notebook papers or a printed paw (each clue leading to a different party favor). Roll these papers up and slip them inside balloons that you'll blow up and hang as decorations. Then, when the game is about to start, tell the kids to choose a balloon and pop it and use the clue to find the missing party favor.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Bean Bag Toss: To make your own Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper bean bags take two pieces of white felt, hot glue two edges, fill with uncooked rice and hot glue the other two edges. Do the same with black felt and put faces on them. Then take a red plastic pail and yellow shovel and add details so that they look like Shovel and Pail. The object of the game is to use Shovel to toss Mr. Salt and Mrs. pepper into Pail (try all kinds of distances).

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