Creating an Effective Custody Contract

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Having an effective custody contract can help make your custody situation work better. You can make a good custody contract with the right information and tools.

Custody contracts are essential in making divorced or separated parenting more bearable. Every U.S. state requires that divorced or separated parents prepared custody contracts. Preparing one that works for your family's situation is important. Child custody contracts are the ultimate determining factor of how child custody works and how it is split between parents. A custody contract is used to address different types of custody like:

  • Joint custody: both parents have equal decision-making responsibilities for their child;

  • Legal custody: things like a child's primary residence,Guest Posting primary caregiver, medical and educational decisions and religious beliefs are detailed;

  • Physical custody: details which parent(s) has physical custody of a child

  • Sole custody: may include legal, physical or both of those custodies

Having a custody contract allows parents to more fairly decide how custody of their child is divided and how things will work. A common child custody contract may include:

  • Complete visitation and custody schedule (parenting time schedule) – this is the main section of a custody contract where parents work together to make a workable and effective repeating custody and visitation cycle.

  • Custody provisions – this section of a contract may include possible stipulations about custody. Information about how to resolve parental issues, how future changes can be made and how events and activities the child attends will be decided should also be included.

  • Vacation and/or holiday schedule - a holiday/vacation schedule should be included in a custody contract to help parents determine how their child spends vacations and holidays, as well as any any specific information about where vacations and holidays will be spent and what will happen during those events. It should also include information about exchanges and transportation arrangements.

  • Child support information – this portion of a custody contract includes legal and parental documents that outline who pays child support and how much is paid.

  • Other important documents – information such as your child's medical and educational needs or any special needs may be included if it is relevant or for verification purposes.

How you make a child custody contract really depends on your situation. Your custody contract should be specific to your family's situation. Custody contracts are legally required in every state, so it is important to have an effective contract. You can create an effective custody contract using Custody X Change software. Custody X Change offers different styles of contracts and different ways to make them work for you.

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