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Tempt your guests to RSVP by sending them originally-craft baby shower invitations. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this.

Party invitations are important because it is your main way of communicating all the necessary details to your guests. It will tell your guests what type of party they could look forward to,Guest Posting what to wear, what to bring, and the like.

Before, when you say party invitations, it usually means sending a letter or a card to a guest. Nowadays, though invitation cards are still common, a select few, the more creative types, are sending invitations in other forms. This is also true with baby shower invitations.

It is really quite easy to just resort to the norm of sending card invitations, but other form of invitations are becoming popular because, first of all, it’s out of the ordinary, which some people really prefer. And secondly, depending on what form your invitation will take, it could be more useful to your guests.

Other form of invitations doesn’t mean you will spend a lot more than with typical ones. Of course, you still have a choice on what your other form of invitation will be, and you would not want it to be that expensive, since you will be sending them to numerous people. Of course, similar to the traditional ones, your other form of invitation should still be able to contain the necessary party details, since you would still like to tell your guests more details about your shower.

If you are one of those people who would like to send invitations that double-up as something else, then we highly recommend that you send your invitation with cookies. You could either bake/buy small cookies, wrap it in a bag, and tie it with a ribbon with your invitation attached, or you could just bake a giant cookie, wherein most of the invitation details are icingd on top of it. That should be a nice gift ala invitation to your friends.

If you are not the cookie type, then why don’t you make use of different baby articles to be part of your invitation? We are great fans of sending a baby feeding bottle for your shower invitation. And why not, when it could contain your invitation, and at the same time, could be decorated so as to conform to your chosen theme. For example, if you are having a luau baby shower, then just surround it with a grass skirt, and voila, you have a creative luau baby shower invitation right in front of you. Having a moon and stars baby shower? You could still use a baby feeding bottle to send your invitation, and nope, we are not suggesting that you cover it with gold foil or something similar. Instead, create moon and stars paper cut outs and fill your feeding bottle, maybe around half full. Then, “bury” a rolled up paper in the midst of all those moon and stars, which will contain your invitation details of course. That should do the trick, if we may say so.

Another versatile baby article that we love using as invitation is a rubber ducky. Don’t you love its neck, which is the perfect place to hang your invitation?  If you are having an oriental or Asian shower, then you could just form your invitation to look like a Chinese take out box, and hang it around your rubber ducky. Or if you are throwing a fairy shower, then it’s a matter of adding some sheer wings to your duck, plus some flower crown on its head, and there you go, a rubber ducky fairy.

And last but not the least, baby socks are absolutely amazing as an invitation. It’s perfect in containing a rolled up paper of some sort, which is why we could not help but recommend this as one of the invitations for someone throwing a princess shower (you could also use shoes to represent Cinderella and her glass slippers). With its flexibility, there are probably dozens of other themes where having a sock invitation is a MUST-have, and it is just a matter of piecing things together.

There are many other items that would serve as creative baby shower invitations. You just need to really invest some time and creativity in the process, and you will come up with some amazing invitation ideas to complement your theme. Here’s a list of other articles that you could start with:

  • Baby Bib     
  • Balloon      
  • Clothesline  
  • Pacifiers    
  • Rattles      
  • Teething Rings

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