Defensive Driving Technique – Learn To Leave Safety Marks On Road

Jan 20


Matt D Murren

Matt D Murren

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What you need to know about defensive driving.


While you are on the road,Defensive Driving Technique – Learn To Leave Safety Marks On Road Articles possessing the steering wheel of your vehicle, you need to learn the art of being a defensive driver. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are, as far as the driving techniques are concerned. There are situations, when you have to pay the price for the wrong driving techniques of other drivers. Well! You are in the right place to help learn about defensive driving techniques that might save you from the pitfalls of accidental circumstances.

Preparing Yourself For Defensive Driving

Defensive driving technique prepares your senses to be alert enough to foresee the dangerous situation approaching you. You are responsible for the safety of yourself, your family, the vehicle and also, for other’s lives. The process of learning driving is a continuing process. Thus, you need to be a good learner as well as a perfect predictor. Here is a list of guidelines you must follow before actually coming on the road:


  • Analyze you vehicle properly for any kinds of liabilities.
  • Maintain the proper level of fuel and temperature of your vehicle.
  • Get your vehicle serviced regularly.
  • Check the critical parts of vehicle including brakes, gearbox, tyre and all types of oils.
  • Always go for regular check up of your vision to avoid mishaps on the road.
  • Make sure that your vehicle carries the insurance.

 Defensive Driving Technique On Road

If you are done with your preparations, it is time to start driving. Driving is a passion for most of us, though if it is not done properly, it can be a killer sometimes. Thus, you need to be more than conscious while sitting on the driver’s seat.


  • Always follow the three-second rule while driving in a crowded place. This golden rule of driving states that one must remain at a driving distance of 3 seconds from the vehicle ahead.
  • Always use seat belts to ensure your safety, in case of sudden employ of brakes.
  • You must keep a control on your temper and should never indulge in abusive language.
  • Traffic rules are not meant to be broken, so always follow them.
  • Respect the safety of life and vehicle of other drivers as well.
  • Be more careful while driving at night by making proper use of headlights and vision.
  • Utilize the external and rear view mirrors for proper viewing of road.
  • Follow the principles of art and science while driving. Your mind must work like an intelligent machine capable of calculating all possible threats.
  • Avoid overtaking from wrong sides and also, following the blind spots of vehicles ahead.
Enrolling With Good Defensive Driving School

There is no doubt that you are a good driver, still it is advised to enroll with a driving school to increase the radius of defensive driving technique. You should do some good amount of research for finding the best driving school in your area. Remember! Having a defensive driving technique is like a safety cover for your life and vehicle.

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