Effects of Single Parents and Black Males in Today's Society

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In the past, single parents were a rare find, and when found were often persecuted and shunned by society. In recent years however, the single parent trend has grown steadily due to a variety of circumstances, and there are now over 21 million children being raised in a one parent throughout the United States. Now, instead of being looked down upon, society has created a haven of resources for parents who face raising their child alone, in an effort to provide them with a better lifestyle and chance of success.

Why the Increase in Single Parents?

There are many factors that have contributed to the rise in the number of single parents throughout the US. The increasing numbers of divorces due to domestic violence or abuse of a substance are one such factor. After a divorce there is a greater chance of one parent deciding to have little or no contact with their children in order to start a new life. With the divorce rate rising over 50 percent,Guest Posting this contributes to the growing number of solo parents each year.

Deaths, imprisonment, and a dramatic increase in the amount of children born out of wedlock also contribute to the high number of individuals raising children on their own. Black single parents are now one of the fastest growing sectors of the single parenting statistics.Making up only 11.6 percent of the over 13 million single parents in the United States, these African American males face far more trials and problems then white males, females, or even African American females.

Problems Faced by African American Single Parents

Along with all of the financial, emotional, and other common problems that single parents face each day, black single parents also have to deal with added complications that make their daily jobs even harder. Racism and social standards are often cause for pain and suffering where black males are concerned.

Not only do they face being looked down upon because of their race, but those within their race may ridicule them for their choice to be a single parent as a male. Single black males make up such a small number of the amount of one parent families, people are often taken aback and act inappropriately when they learn of such circumstances.

Where to Get Help

There are many books, articles, and other pieces of literature dedicated to educating and helping single parents and black males particularly. Since they may face the most obstacles, there are programs and funding programs that may be available only to meet their specific needs. Local organizations can help point you in the right directions, and the articles, links, and other helpful information on this site can lead you to useful resources as well.

Being a single parent is hard enough without the stigmas and additional obstacles that black single parents must deal with. The number of black males who are stepping up and accepting the parenting role alone is growing each year, and in today's society there are a lot of resources available if you take the time to look.

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