Financing a Wedding Can Cause Plenty of Stress

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If you are a bride who's wedding plans are creating stress in your life and stress on your budget, these five tips can help you eliminate wedding overspending.

Five Tips to Eliminate the Stress of Wedding Overspending

The happiness and hopefulness of your wedding can also be stricken with the jitteriness from your bridal budget. Brides and grooms create elaborate plans that don't truly reflect the real cost of weddings. Or the bride doesn't create a financial cushion to anticipate unexpected expenses and it causes stress.

One survey by Conde Naste found that the average wedding can cost $27,Guest Posting000 and upwards. One American Express poll found that 80 percent of 500 newlyweds they surveyed listed the financial side of planning a wedding as a chief stress instigator.

Here are five tips to avoid those bridal budget jitters, whether the wedding is two weeks, two months or 12 months away.

1. Balance your bridal budget. If you already have a budget in place, go back and start cutting out expenses to give yourself a 25 percent cushion for unexpected costs. If you try to stretch your budget too much, or make it too plump, your stress level will go up. You will also erase future stress in you knowing that you have planned for unexpected costs. Get a friend or family member who's great at finance to help you, but not before you explain exactly why you're revisiting your budget.

2. Delegate some of those expenses. If you don't have the money you thought you would have for your wedding, delegate one of those items on your budget to a friend or family member. Brides are always being asked, "What do you want for a wedding gift?" But remember: Don't assign an item on your budget list (flowers, cake, etc.) unless you are asked first. Don't ask your friends up front to help with finances for your wedding. Good manners dictate that you wait to be asked.

3. Getting Real About Budgetary Goals? Is your budget designed to impress friends, family members and co-workers? This is your wedding, and an over-stressed bride can ruin a happy occasion. So simply erase those peer pressure expenses and focus on being relaxed to look your best, without the worry lines and sleep deprivation that comes with bridal budget jitters.

4. Simplify. Having too much on your planning plate can hike up the stress levels of any bride and groom. Reception buffets are less expensive and stressful than formal sit-down luncheons or dinners. A spring flower bouquet is less likely to wilt or melt your budget than exotic flower arrangements. Visit the Web site of a local college for low-cost student musicians. Use common sense to remain "simple" and your stress levels will decrease immensely.

5. Stay on track. Revisit your bridal budget once a week. Now that you're in smart budget mode for your wedding, every time you revisit your bridal budget is a new opportunity to find a fast way to eliminate an unnecessary financial expense. Don't start your new chapter in life suffering from bridal budget stress. Relax. Enjoy your new lifestyle. Celebrate.

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