Five Of The Best Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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How to become the star if the baby shower and impress that special expecting Mother in your life. Ideas and inspiration for shopping for the best and most unique baby shower gift ideas.

So you've been invited to a baby shower. Whether the party is to honor your best friend,Guest Posting sister, or only an acquaintance, you'll want to break away form the predictable old baby shower gifts. Wow that momma to be with some seriously thoughtful and unique baby shower gifts. Here is a run through of some popular choices in unique baby gifts as well as some tips to help spark some shopping savvy in baby gift ideas.

1. The diaper cake. This is a very popular choice amongst those searching for a unique and "stand-out" sort of gift, that it is actually not all that unique anymore!

A diaper cake is a "cake" made out of diapers arranged to look just like a two o three layer cake. A diaper cake is pretty much a unique alternative to a gift basket, as they are generally adorned with all sorts of baby items from wash cloths and bibs, to little baby sock rosettes and all manner of baby skin products.

The good news is, they can be created and arranged in all sorts of unique themes and color schemes. If you are careful in your shopping then you can easily find a diaper cake that will be quite unique and impressive. Some have even ventured to make them by hand. There are several websites online hosting instructions and tutorials on how to create a diaper cake.

2. Handmade baby gifts. Whether you make your own baby stuff or simply buy handmade, the handmade baby gift is surely to be a huge hit at the baby shower! Handmade baby gifts are well constructed gifts, not to mention make for a special and some time one-of-a-kind UNIQUE baby shower gift!

There is a surge of handmade market places online to shop for oodles of handmade gifts. You're sure to find everything from handmade baby bibs and burp cloths, to organic baby toys, and handmade baby clothing.

3. Buy organic baby products! What could be better for a brand new little baby than all natural and 100% organic baby products. With the threat of global warming, as well as almost weekly recalls of baby products from everything from baby cribs to diaper bags and skin products, more and more moms are going green. Why not show you care too by going all out on a completely organic baby gift. There are several stores online, not to mention organic labels sprouting up in most major chains, making it a very easy gift to produce. You can even find ready made organic baby shower gift baskets.

4. Shift the focus to Mamma! Most baby shower goers are thinking about diapers and creepers, and cute baby shoes when they shop for baby shower gifts. A truly unique baby shower gift idea will be a gift meant to honor the Mom-to-be, rather than to shower the new baby. Some great gift idea for the new mamma? How about a gift certificate for a spa day, or a pair of some of the comfiest slippers you can find. How about a pedicure at the best local nail salon? She's truly appreciate that at a time when she has lost her relationship with her feet. Trust me!

5. Shop practical! This is where you'll need to think slightly outside of the box, but your favorite momma to be AND her family will be blown away by your thoughtfulness. The first week home with a new baby, especially for a new mom, can be daunting. This is a time full of adjustments and sleep deprivation. If you want to give a gift that will speak volumes about how much you care, give the gift of "convenience". Hire a meal delivery service for a week, or a cleaning service! Some other great services are a diaper service for cloth diapering moms, or even a diaper delivery service for disposables, and pay for the first two weeks or a month worth of diapering products. The happy couple can cash in on it when they run out of all of their baby shower gift diapers (there will be many).

If you want to be the star of the baby shower, or just let that special new mom in your life know how much you care, giving a unique baby shower gift does not have to be a difficult task. Simply plan ahead, do some research, and think outside of the box! You're sure to come up with a gift that will inspire "oohs" and "aahhs" from your fellow baby shower guests, as well as a great big smile from the new mom!

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