Having Problems Conceiving? Try a detox.

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If you're having trouble conceiving your body may need a detox.

The key to fertility is getting the body into its natural optimum
balance,Guest Posting which is often thrown askew by junk food and the stress of modern
life. Leading fertility experts believe there are three main factors that
reduce fertility: stress, over-acidity in the body and hormonal imbalance.

Fluctuating sugar levels can cause havoc with your hormones, and, just as
a seed needs the right acid/alkaline balance in the soil, your eggs need the
right environment for conception to take place. Stress leaves the body
exhausted and unable to properly cleanse itself.

The ideal answer is a detox at a health spa, but not everyone has the
time or money to spend on a stay at a health resort. Those who do should
consider it as an aid to conception, those who do not should concentrate on:
  • Diet: avoid a diet high in additives, processed food and sugar. To
    help balance acid/alkaline levels, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables,
    preferably organically grown.

  • Combat stress by every means possible: meditation, deep breathing;
    boost your self-esteem; and sort out any relationship problems.

  • Get plenty of sleep to help your body recuperate.

  • Exercise: go to a gym, fitness classes, or get an exercise video for
    home. Exercise will eliminate toxins through sweating, and it will help
    you to loose weight if that is a problem.

  • Take a holiday, and try to time it so that you ovulate in the last
    few days of the holiday when you are most relaxed.

The best gardeners take care to keep their soil in top condition to give
their seeds the best chance of propagating, do the same with your body!

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