How to Give an Anniversary Frame that Every Couple Will Cherish

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If you're looking for an anniversary gift that will be enjoyed for years without breaking the bank, then you should consider giving an anniversary picture frame. Learn what frames you should avoid and how you can select an anniversary frame that will be cherished for years without spending a lot.

Are you looking for an anniversary gift? Something that is unique,Guest Posting says you care and will be enjoyed for years? An anniversary frame is the perfect choice. The beauty of an anniversary frame will make your gift a family heirloom that will be treasured for generations. Selecting the right anniversary frame can be the tricky part. You want a frame that can be used for any special photo and will have a classic look that will never go out of style. With the following helpful tips, you'll know which frames you should avoid and which frames will make wonderful lasting gifts.

What to Avoid

    * Trendy colors or styles will date your anniversary picture frame and are not desirable for a lasting gift.

    * Anniversary picture frames made of paper, plastic or fabric won’t hold up as well as other types of frame material and should be avoided if you want your gift to be enjoyed for years.

    * Use caution when choosing a frame with the word “anniversary” written on it. Although the point of an anniversary frame is to acknowledge an anniversary, a frame with wording on it limits its usefulness and longevity. If you want a frame that will only be used for a specific anniversary picture then this may be a good choice. But if you want your frame to be enjoyed for years, then you should consider a frame without any writing on it.

    * This one shouldn’t be necessary to point out, but avoid poor quality anniversary frames. No one wants to receive a poorly made gift that looks cheap or falls apart just from being displayed. These frames can be easy to spot as they're usually made out of a lightweight metal alloy and are super inexpensive. But, don’t equate quality with cost. Poor quality frames can be found in any price range so be sure you're buying from a quality frame retailer. Doing so will ensure that the frame you choose will be an asset to any picture displayed in it.

Selecting an Anniversary Frame that Every Couple Will Cherish

If you want an anniversary frame to last and someday become a family heirloom, choose a high quality anniversary frame. A high quality anniversary frame will keep cherished memories of past generations alive each time it’s displayed in an heirloom anniversary frame.

To make sure your anniversary frame gift lasts through the generations, select a solid, well-built frame made out of quality materials. Your best choices consist of a high quality solid wood or metal picture frame, like silver plate, pewter or sterling silver that will endure over time. Precious metal anniversary frames are popular for milestones in a couple’s marriage, especially for a 25th or 50th anniversary, but these anniversary frames are suitable for any anniversary.

There are also other types of frames that will make wonderful anniversary gifts. Why not choose a picture frame that's made out of the traditional material that represents each anniversary year? The list below will head you in the right direction:

Year, Material, Type of Frame

1, Paper, Paper or a Wood Frame with Paper Mat

2, Cotton, Wood Picture Frame with a Cotton Rag Mat

3, Leather, Leather Picture Frame

4, Fruit and Flowers, Jeweled Flower Frame

5, Wood, Handmade Wood Picture Frame

6, Candy or Iron, Wrought Iron Picture Frame

7, Copper or Brass, Hammered Copper Frame or Solid Brass Frame

8, Bronze, Bronze Picture Frame

9, Pottery, Glazed Ceramic Frame

10, Tin, Tin Picture Frame

11, Steel, Steel Picture Frame

12, Silk or Linen, Wood Picture Frame with a Linen Mat or Liner

13, Lace, Metal Lace Picture Frame

14, Ivory, Ivory Stained Solid Wood Frame

15, Crystal or Glass, Crystal Frame or Glass Picture Frame

20, China, Porcelain Picture Frame

25, Silver, Silver Plated Frame or Sterling Silver Picture Frame

30, Pearl, Pearl Picture Frame

35, Coral or Jade, Jeweled Picture Frame

40, Ruby, Stained Wood Red Frame or Red Jeweled Frame

45, Sapphire, Blue Jeweled Frame or Stained Blue Veneer Frame

50, Gold, Gold Leaf Picture Frame

55, Emerald, Green Jeweled Frame or Stained Wood Green Frame

60, Diamond or Gold, Jeweled Frame or Gold Picture Frame

65, Diamond or Gold, Jeweled Frame or Gold Picture Frame

70, Diamond or Gold, Jeweled Frame or Gold Picture Frame

75, Diamond or Gold, Jeweled Frame or Gold Picture Frame

Given the selection of materials, you can choose any type of anniversary picture frame from whimsical to formal. Pairing the year with the material is a unique way to recognize a special couple and give a lasting reminder of each anniversary.

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