Pros and Cons of Inter-caste Marriage

Apr 7


Ajay Jagtap

Ajay Jagtap

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Inter-caste marriage has been a hot topic of discussion for years. In some ancient Hindu scriptures, inter-caste marriages are strictly prohibited. People in the 21st century are changing their minds about marriage, but several people are still against inter-caste marriages. This article will help you make a better decision whether or whether not to marry in inter-caste.


Here are the pros and cons of inter-caste marriages.


What is an Inter-caste marriage?

The word explains its meaning itself. It means marriage in other castes. The government of India allows everyone to love or marry anyone. 


So,Pros and Cons of Inter-caste Marriage Articles there are no boundaries, and you can find your soulmate without any references such as caste, creed, and color.


For example, if you are a Hindu and you love someone who is not from your caste or community, this is an example of an inter-caste relationship and your marriage will be called an inter-caste marriage.

Pros of Inter-caste marriage

Even though several people are against inter-caste marriages, there are several benefits of inter-caste marriages. 


So, here are the 3 most important benefits of inter-caste marriages.

  • Biological Advantages

It has been scientifically proven that high chances that children of two people from different castes or communities will be better. 


It also has been proven that children may have disabilities or health issues when married within the same species.


So, it’s a great benefit of marrying inter-caste. 


  • Created Openness

Inter-caste marriages have created a kind of openness in society. 


Now, people have started changing their minds and believe in not interfering in someone’s personal life or decisions.


Several people used to say that inter-caste marriages often end up in divorce, but successful inter-caste marriages have put an end to this conversation.

  • More understanding

We believe that there is nothing wrong with marrying inter-caste if you love someone and are willing to spend your entire life with him/her. 


You will get to know new people from different communities and help you develop good socializing and understanding skills.

Cons of Inter-caste marriage


Every coin has two sides, so do inter-caste marriages have their consequences as well. Here are the 2 most common problems inter-caste marriages face.

  • Kids issue

There are no big issues in the start when your children are in school or enjoying their child, but the problem starts as you start finding brides or grooms for your children.


You may face trouble deciding in which caste will you find a better half for your child.


  • Religious issues

Religious issues are yet another big disadvantage of inter-caste marriages. 


Both are from different communities or castes and may follow different religions, so this could lead to a huge argument if there is no proper communication between both the life partners.


There are several other benefits and advantages of inter-caste marriages, but these were the most important. 


There are arguments and differences in almost every relationship, whether you’re marrying in your caste or inter-caste, whether love marriage or arranged one.


All you need to have is good communication and mutual understanding to make a marriage successful.  


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