The Secrets to Teaching Kids about Money

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Most college students are not prepared to deal with the financial challenges that await them in the 'real world'. Get some practical tips to teaching your children how to be financially independent.

One of the biggest mistakes many parents make when preparing their student for college is neglecting to actually teach them about how (and how not) to spend their money.

Since many college students are not financially independent they can produce quite a financial burden on their parents. And since the young adults do not feel the repercussions for themselves,Guest Posting that behavior can continue until they are completely financially independent. In this article, we'll go over why teaching kids about money is a crucial part of preparing them for college, as well as some popular ways to do this.

The recent financial crisis that has swept across the country has destroyed a lot of jobs and made higher learning a veritable requirement for proper financial independence. Since going to college gives students a much better shot at eventually getting out on their own (and being successful at it), getting your kid ready for college not only academically but also financially is more important than ever. There are a number of ways to reinforce proper spending habits, but the most obvious is to do so by example. Spending your money in responsible, mature ways and then explaining the reasoning behind that spending is a great way to teach kids about money as a tool, rather than something to be thrown away on immediate desires.

Unfortunately, college preparation courses in high schools do not teach students how to resist the pressures of college life, more responsibly divide up their resources, and spend their money in healthy, mature ways. High schools are notorious for not offering practical financial education courses which would help today's youth be prepared for the banking system, credit and debit cards, loans, and long-term investments.

There are a few programs that may help your child be prepared for the financial challenges that await them in the 'real world'. Financial literacy programs, or money camps, are popular with parents that understand the importance of teaching kids about money. Responsible parents can enroll their child in afterschool programs that have financial literacy courses, or even go to financial educational websites themselves to learn how to more properly prepare their student for financial independence.

Teaching kids about money has become a huge part of getting them ready for the real world, especially with the reputation college students carry for being dirt poor. Making your student more financially responsible while also reducing the monetary burden they place on you is a win-win situation.

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