Things To Do On The Weekend In Summer!

Jun 29


Graeme Knights

Graeme Knights

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Summer is fast approaching and this is the season that you are simply meant to have fun. There are plenty of things that you can do on the weekend, regardless of whether you want to find entertainment on your doorstep or to drive a little further afield. Kids and adults alike are sure to have a blast with these 10 sure fire ways to have fun…

10 - Check out different Summer Festivals. In the UK there is pretty much one every week in summer,Things To Do On The Weekend In Summer! Articles so you will be spoilt for choice. Many of these are completely free (it's not just Glastonbury or V Festivals to choose from you know) and offer all sorts of fun things to do. There are games, bands, comedians, rides, great food and lots more.
9 - Find an outdoor concert in your area. Live music can be a great way to spend a summer weekend. Staying inside is no fun when the sun is shining, so get your local gig guide out and you'll see that there are plenty of places where the bands play outside. Warm summer evenings full of music are ones you don't forget. 
8 - Visit some museums. England is full to the rafters with history and there are many museums far and wide across the country. Whether it’s a Children’s Museum, a Castle Museum, a hands on science museum or even Sherlock Holmes' Museum, there will be something for everyone.
7 - Enjoy the water! There are many different activities that you can enrol the children in so that they will learn how to be safe in the water. As the weather gets hot, kids want to go in the water, so this way you know they are really safe and you can enjoy sunbathing as they splash away! Just don’t forget the waterproof sun cream and inflatable toys and goggles!
6 - Pack a picnic. Whether it’s for two or twenty, a picnic is a great way to enjoy the summer weather. There are many picnic sites around and lots of parks, so all you have to do is decide where you want to go and what kinds of sandwiches you’ll pack in the basket. The more the merrier with a picnic and with everyone bringing something different you can create a veritable buffet!
5 - Schedule a play date. When the kids are tired of what you have to offer, schedule a play date with their friends’ mum. It gives you a day off and time to think of what to do the next day! Be warned however, it’ll be your turn the next week and it will be you taking her kids and having to plan something fun as a way of repayment for a little summer relief!
4 - Look into the night life. People always think of summer and sun, but what about when the sun sets? With all the extra energy that you’ve stored up from the sun during the day, the night could be the best time! There are many different activities that you can do, from the obvious things like visiting bars and restaurants to something a little different like star gazing and spooky events. 
3 - Turn towards the furry. Everything is more fun when you include some four-legged friends into your summer plans. This can mean anything from going to a zoo, helping out at an animal shelter or even something totally strange like the Paws in the Park dog obstacle course in Rochdale! 
2 - Get an education. Science is around every corner and many museums are all over the country, offering think tanks and creative ways to educate kids and adults alike. They almost always include hands on fun and you can get some cool ways to bring some of it back home, too. Summer is the time to do things outside and where best to make a scientific mess?!
1 - Reserve a spot at a Leisure Resort. There are many resorts that allow you to enjoy everything that life has to offer without leaving the place. This includes swimming pools and go-kart racing during the day and live entertainment and gourmet dinners in the evenings. Go for nights away to recharge those batteries.

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