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Before,Guest Posting carpets signify the status symbol of an individual or a clan. Since times are changing, middle-class individuals can now afford to use carpets to embellish their homes. But, to be able to maintain the beauty of this precious floor covering, owners should familiarize themselves with practical carpet cleaning tips.

Carpets are end results of the latest technological advancements in the carpet manufacturing process. Some of them are prepared from the yarn to manual or machine tufting of the yarn into the heavy canvas that requires a combination of patience, skill, and precision.

Today, there are so many target markets of carpeting such as residential areas, commercial spaces, hospitals, health care establishments, corporate offices, and educational institutions because they need carpets to polish their receiving areas and attract as many people as possible.

Easy steps to clean a carpet

Carpets definitely add a dash of elegance and order inside the house. It can turn an ordinary receiving area into a cozy ambiance. It can also make a plain, boring room into an intimate setting.

The common notion that carpets are hard to clean and maintain are as false as believing that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. The following are just some of the carpet cleaning tips you can follow to maintain your carpet as good as new. Tip number 1: Use the power of vacuum. This is the most effective way of cleaning a carpet without too much hassle. By vacuuming you carpet as frequent as possible, you can clean it thoroughly and avoid dirt to accumulate in it.

Tip number 2: Rake it. To clean the carpet thoroughly, try to rake it before using a vacuum cleaner on it. By using a rake, you can loosen up the accumulated dirt such as pet hairs. Raking is proven to be an effective aid to vacuuming because you can pile up the larger pieces of dirt before you vacuum the finer ones.

Tip number 3: Remove stains and spills ASAP! You should get rid of spills and stains as soon as possible. But, don’t do it by rubbing the carpet's stained or spill area with just anything because it will only create white spot on it. You should use a reliable cleaning agent to avoid ruining the carpet's surface. Spilled liquids should be blot up with a clean and soft towel while solids should be immediately scraped using a blunt palette knife or a spoon to avoid tearing it.

Tip number 5: Only use mild spotters. This is to avoid the carpet to be ruined by harsh chemicals with destructive ingredients.

Tip number 6: Avoid from digging or brushing the spots. Familiarize yourself with the proper processes of scraping solid and accumulated dirt on the carpet. Proper cleaning procedure a spot should start from the outline toward the middle of the spotted area before tamp it with a blunt tool or a soft cloth.

Tip number 7: Keep the use of cleaning agents such as spotters, detergents, or shampoos to a minimum. By doing this, you can avoid your carpet from accumulating particles from those cleaning agents.

Tip number 8: Never leave your carpet soaked in water for a long time. Overwet carpets result to brownouts, shrinkage, and various adhesion difficulties.

Tip number 9: Residuals accumulated in the carpet should be extracted. Regular residual extraction can wash away the dirt, accumulated detergent residues, and life forms thriving in your carpet.

Tip number 10: Coating a carpet's dirt or spots should be prohibited. Doing this will only make the remaining residue harder to remove the nest time you try on other carpet cleaning tips.

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