What to do During a Dental Emergency?

Aug 16


Nor Suhir

Nor Suhir

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Save A Tooth during Dental Emergency


Saving A Knocked-Out Tooth - Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency First Aid Kit

Knocked-Out Tooth is a common accident,What to do During a Dental Emergency? Articles especially among children, sports related activities and even on the road.  In the US alone, almost five million teeth got knocked-out from the mouth every year.  Ninety percent of these teeth could have been saved and reinserted back if proper preservation techniques has been used during the time of the accident or incident.

Parents, caregivers or people present during the accident usually bring the knocked-out tooth to th dentist in the hope that it can be replanted.  However, generally if the initial necessary steps to keep the tooth viable for replantation is not taken, the chances of a successful replantation of the knocked-out tooth becomes minimal or at most zero.

Generally, the public understanding is that submerging the tooth in milk will preserve it.  The truth is that the main component of our tooth is enamel.  It is one of the hardest substance in our body.  However, once the tooth is out of a persons mouth, it begins to die.  This happens in just 15 minutes.  Frequently, without proper storage, within two hours the tooth is dead.  For the tooth to be successfully replanted, the periodontal ligament has to be kept alive.  This periodontal ligament is a thin layer of cells surrounding the tooth.

A device was developed by Dr Paul R. Krasner, a professor at Temple University School of Dentistry.  This patented 6-part system is a good way to keep the tooth alive during a knocked-out accident and during transportation from the accident venue to the dentist.  Dr Krasners system addresses the two primary causes of replanted tooth loss :

  • tooth cell crushing (especially during transportation from accident venue to the dentist) 
  • tooth cell dehydration

The system uses a scientifically engineered removable basket to suspend the tooth in a formulated pH balanced fluid.  It helps to keep the tooth in a save environment, which prevents additional trauma.  A tooth that has been out of a persons mouth, when placed in the solution within 2 hours can be preserved for up to four days.  This will give doctors time to utilize the tooth while repairing the external injury.

The system is called Save-A-Tooth.  It is recommended by Clinical Research Associates and the Emergency Research Council Institute and is endorsed by the American Dental Association.  It is also the only tooth preserving system that is approved by FDA.  In clinical studies, it has been shown to be 91% successful.

A company in Singapore, known as 2TH Gen (pronounced as Tooth Gen),  has comprehensively packed the Save-A-Tooth together with the necessary Wound Management products from brands like 3M, Smith & Nephew and London Healthcare Limited, as a quick-response one-stop preservation of the knocked-out tooth, on site.  This kit is known as the Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency First Aid Kit.

Original tooth is natures ideal implants.  By using the original tooth for replantation during a knocked-out also saves the patient money.  A prosthetic tooh can costs a few thousand dollars.  This, however will never compare to a real tooth.

Due to the cost to benefit ratio of the Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency First Aid Kit, it is a prudent addition to all first aid kits.

So please seriously consider keeping the Knocked-Out Tooth Emergency First Aid Kit handy.  Don not put your family at risk because accidents can happen at any time, anywhere and to anyone.

You may not be able to prevent accidents but you can definitely help to retain smiles.