Why you need an experienced property surveyor

Jan 26


Finn	Mackenzie

Finn Mackenzie

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A property survey is a complete and thorough inspection of a property in order to identify structural issues that may affect its worth.


Property Surveyors London - What is a Property Survey?

A property survey is a complete and thorough inspection of a property in order to identify structural issues that may affect its worth. The report is essential knowledge prior to purchasing a commercial property,Why you need an experienced property surveyor Articles to ensure that your investment is as safe as it can be.

What’s included in a property survey?

  • structural issues
  • construction issues that will highlight any major works that need to be carried out. This can include roof damage, electrics etc.
  • general observations including double glazing
  • historical information on the property
  • history of the deed
  • details on land ownership

An experienced property surveyor will help you get to know your potential commercial property inside out; this knowledge is worth paying for. As with everything else in life, savvy business people are aways on the hunt for a bargain, but property surveyors are not the place to scrimp. Ensure your budget is adequate, and that you have time to address any queries or concerns raised in the report.

Property surveyors in London are worth their weight in gold as London property, especially if it is a historic building will have a set of very unique requirements. Traditional construction materials can cause damp and rot, causing you great expense further down the line of purchase. Being well armed with the facts can assist in negotiations, or may even cause you to decline purchase after all.

Commercial property can include the following types of building, all with their specific requirements. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the official directory of member firms. Be sure to check whether the property surveyors London you are considering working with appear in the RICS database.


It is important to find a retail space that suits your business needs, whether it is your first shop, or an expansion of your empire! You don’t want the building to hold back your business.


What is quantity surveying? They are the ones that deal with the costs during construction, and also manage feasibility and design.


Land surveyors are indispensable in providing insight into the best use of land and its resources.


Industrial surveyors can advise on whether your plans for a building are suitable and if it will make a worthwhile investment.

It may be that depending on the type of commercial property you are looking to acquire, a range of surveyors will be necessary. Choosing a property surveying firm that includes experts in different fields can be invaluable. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals can provide in-depth property advice.

As they say, knowledge is power. Prevention is better than a cure. Choosing the right property surveyor at the outset of your project will ensure a smooth ride for the rest of your commercial property journey!

Based in London, Fresson and Tee are highly respected. They have almost 90 years of exceptional chartered property surveyor experience and a team of multi-disciplinary consultants.